Do you ever have questions about your pharmacy software?

Are you ever curious about whether you’re missing out on additional capabilities?

The PioneerRx Pharmacy Forum allows users to post messages and discuss topics and questions about the software’s features and integrations amongst each other. These are pharmacists and technicians just like you, who work within PioneerRx on a daily basis.

You can get tips from their experience, get opinions on something you are curious about, or even share your own discoveries.

The User Forum can be accessed in 2 ways:

  • Within PioneerRx, click the blue chat bubbles icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen, labeled “PioneerRx Forums”
  • You can use your browser and visit the forum page.

You will be able to respond publicly to other users within the forum, or have the option to privately message or email them if preferred. You can also “watch” a post if you want to be notified as new responses are posted.

Willis High, owner of Delta Pharmacies in South Carolina, appreciates “Pharmacy is changing so quickly, and PioneerRx is constantly rolling out new features to keep up with that change. Sometimes, it’s helpful to ask other pharmacists how they’re using a certain feature. Someone else out there likely has the answer, and they can help you with that.”
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