The top pharmacy systems allow you to easily handle partial fills when you don’t have enough stock on hand to completely fill a prescription.

With PioneerRx, pharmacies may add a partial fill from the Fill or Check Station. A caution symbol will alert the user that the on hand quantity is low, and PioneerRx requires verification before proceeding with the partial fill.

The software also allows partial pay and partial copay so the patient only pays for the amount they receive. The remaining balance will be due when the prescription is satisfied.

Murali Kolla, owner and pharmacist in charge at Oroville Care Pharmacy in Oroville, CA, tackles partial fills with PioneerRx’s pharmacy management system with ease.

“We do partial refills when we don’t have enough quantity for a complete prescription,” she says. “When this happens, we fill a three-day supply, which gives us time to fulfill the rest of the prescription.”
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