To keep the pharmacy’s workflow running smoothly, PioneerRx pharmacies utilize the Print Queue to organize their prescription dispensing.

Instead of printing each of a patient’s multiple prescription labels individually, the Print Queue gathers and stores each prescription at Intake then prints all the labels at once when all the prescriptions are ready to be filled.

The Queue will hold any problematic prescriptions (insufficient inventory, pending renewal, etc.) until they are reviewed and authorized. The software will keep track of all your pending prescriptions and ensure that a patient’s order is always complete.

Steve Wienner, owner and president of Mt. Vernon Pharmacy in Baltimore, MD, uses this feature to help his patients more efficiently.

“Our location has used the Print Queue for about [2 years], and we like it,” he says. “We started using it. . .to improve workflow.”

The Queue allows the team at Mt. Vernon to quickly pull up a patient’s prescriptions and fill them accurately without prolonging wait time.

“The Print Queue keeps us organized and fills [prescriptions] in the right order as opposed to a big pile of prescriptions sorted alphabetically but aren’t necessarily filled right,” Wienner explains. “If you’re sorting alphabetically and your last name begins a W like mine, then you’re toast. You’re not getting out of that pharmacy until midnight because of the sorting.”

The Print Queue eliminates chaos from the workflow, and PioneerRx pharmacies enjoy the organization and convenience it brings to the fill process.

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