Because of price changes or out-of-stock items, most pharmacies rely on two or more drug wholesalers when reordering their inventory.

With PioneerRx pharmacy software, managing multiple wholesalers has never been easier. The software automatically finds the lowest prices from multiple wholesalers, generates an order, and submits the order after it is reviewed by the pharmacist.

By analyzing your inventory data, PioneerRx can intuitively manage your purchase orders, invoices, and balance on hand.

Jene Landrum, Pharmacist-In-Charge at Robert’s Apothecary in Columbus, MS, places orders directly from PioneerRx every day, including a large order on the 1st and 15th of every month.

The software’s inventory management capabilities simplify the reordering process for Jene – especially the automated data.

“I really love how the invoices are already in my inventory, and the quantity is inputted for me in the order. Plus,” she adds, “my account manager, Alisa, is so wonderful. She and the entire Support team are quick to answer any questions I have!”

When independent pharmacies want easy-to-use inventory tools, they choose PioneerRx.

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