Strengthening community health is now more important than ever, and front-line professionals everywhere are staying resilient to continue protecting their communities.

This week, June 1 – June 5, is the observation of Community Health Improvement Week as promoted by the American Hospital Association. CHI Week is held every year to recognize health professionals who are bridging care gaps and advancing the well-being of their communities.

This year’s observance is a reminder to honor the dedication and courage of those who are involved in the fight against COVID-19.

Local independent pharmacies are part of this strong team of community health professionals. Amidst all the challenges and uncertainties, independent pharmacies have remained passionate and innovative. PioneerRx is proud to be supporting our pharmacies through these challenging times.

To any and all independent pharmacies who are proudly serving their communities, we want to say Thank You.

The AHA is helping spread the word about CHI Week through social media, featuring the official hashtags #CHIWeek, #HealthcareHeroes, and #AlwaysThere.

You can visit their Stories from the Front Lines page to read positive and uplifting stories instead of focusing on the negative media. On the page you can also submit your own story or recognize another front line worker that you know, and the AHA will be sharing these stories on their social media and on the Association for Community Health Improvement page.

Community Health Improvement week raises awareness and celebrates the individuals who are working towards building healthier and more connected communities.

In every county, there is a starting point on what specific changes are needed most. This resource on County Health Rankings is a visual way to see how healthy your own community is. These revealing snapshots of data show just how crucial it is to keep addressing factors that drive health outcomes across the US.

Progressing the health of our communities is a long-term, systematic effort that comes from widespread collaboration and awareness. CHI Week is a time to be reminded of this and recognize the importance of community health professionals.

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