Does your pharmacy software allow you to divide and conquer patient intakes?

The PioneerRx Intake Station allows users to scan prescriptions at one workstation and fill them at another station for organized efficiency. Users can even scan in prescriptions for multiple patients at once, or multiple prescriptions for one patient.

Every pharmacy is unique, so PioneerRx allows each store to customize their workflow in a way that works best for their team.

Adding the Intake Station as part of your workflow helps to sort out prescriptions and automatically add them to a queue for easy access when a user is ready to fill them.

When a prescription is scanned at the Intake Station, the system will begin to sort through the fields and fill in the data. Users can attach the Rx(s) to a patient in the system and have it ready to be accessed at the fill station.

Whitney Farley, the Input Technician at Main Street Pharmacy in Cadiz, KY, quickly adopted the enhanced workflow station within PioneerRx.

“There’s no ‘liking’ the Intake Station. I love it!” she says with a laugh. “We scan all of our prescriptions through Intake so they are loaded into the computer. If the customer says they’re not coming back right away but then returns sooner than promised, we can still find their prescription because it’s not in a giant pile of baskets. We even scanned a bunch of prescriptions last night so they would be ready to fill this morning. We already knew what was there and whose name was on what.”

PioneerRx software allows you to organize your intake process for increased accessibility and data consistency throughout workflow.

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