In the wake of Coronavirus concerns, CVS and Walgreens have boldly proclaimed that they will now offer free delivery to customers so that they can remain safe at home. Sound familiar? Probably because community pharmacies have been offering this service for years.

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to unfold, people will be increasingly avoiding going out in public, and free home delivery will be in high demand. If you offer delivery at your pharmacy, now is the time to really push your advertising and inform your community of their options.

Make a special announcement on your website, post on social media, hang flyers in your pharmacy, display a sign in your storefront – whatever you can do to get the word out.

Some independent stores who typically charge delivery fees are also waiving them during this time. PioneerRx users can utilize the Mobile Delivery App to help streamline and integrate the delivery process into their store’s workflow.

As pharmacies continue to provide lifesaving care during this crisis, it is even more crucial that stores are stocked and prepared for what the coming months will look like. Experts have offered recommendations on what medications and OTC supplies you need to have readily available.

Delivering uninterrrupted care during this time will depend on your pharmacy’s attention to current situational updates and ongoing preparedness. PioneerRx is rapidly working to position our pharmacies to provide reliable care in these unprecedented times.

It is also important to keep your community informed about best practices during the outbreak. The CDC has provided pre-made flyers covering the Symptoms of COVID-19 and How to Stop the Spread of Germs. These should be displayed around your pharmacy to help suppress community spreading of the disease.

We are so appreciative of the continued care and dedication that pharmacies are providing to their communities in these difficult times.

PioneerRx will continue to provide uninterrupted, constant support to our pharmacies to ensure they are able to best care for their communities.

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