As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact communities, the need for home delivery services from community pharmacies has become more crucial than ever.

Patients are staying at home and avoiding public places, making home delivery a vital service to meet their healthcare needs.

With PioneerRx's integrated Mobile Delivery App, pharmacies can efficiently manage their delivery process, providing convenience to patients and establishing a marketable service.

About Delivery Management

The Delivery Management Mobile App, seamlessly integrated into PioneerRx Software, offers a range of features to optimize the delivery workflow.

It enables processing payments in the field, facilitates paperless transactions, optimizes route planning, and automatically syncs receipts back into the system to complete the delivery process.

Sunshine Pharmacy

Mitesh Patel, Pharmacy Manager at Sunshine Pharmacy in White Plains, NY, recently incorporated the Delivery Management Module into his pharmacy's workflow. Previously, they managed deliveries using paper, which was more challenging and time-consuming.

However, with the digital platform provided by PioneerRx, they can now scan deliveries, map out routes efficiently, and optimize their time.

According to Mitesh, "We've gone from using the 'old school' method to this new digital platform that optimizes our time. My delivery drivers love how easy it is to use."

This transition has significantly enhanced their delivery operations and improved overall efficiency.

Williamsburg Drug Co.

Thomas Taylor, owner of Williamsburg Drug, also relies on the PioneerRx delivery app to provide exceptional service to their customers on a daily basis.

With over 120+ deliveries a day, the integration of the delivery module with the point-of-sale system has been a game-changer for their team. The delivery drivers can easily upload payment receipts, streamlining the entire process.

The Mobile Delivery App offered by PioneerRx not only facilitates seamless delivery operations but also ensures a smooth and convenient experience for both pharmacy staff and patients.

By embracing this advanced digital solution, pharmacies can effectively market their delivery services and meet the growing demand while optimizing their workflow.


Discover the benefits of PioneerRx's Delivery Management Mobile App and join Mitesh, Thomas, and numerous other satisfied users who have revolutionized their delivery operations.

Contact us today to learn more about how our pharmacy software can help streamline your delivery services and provide exceptional care to your patients.
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