Add Convenience and Security to Your Workflow

Electronic prescriptions, or eScripts, add convenience and security to your pharmacy’s workflow. eScripts reduce the need for manual prescription processes and excessive follow-up phone calls. PioneerRx was one of the first pharmacy management systems to allow for electronic prescriptions of controlled substances (EPCS), so that users may receive and fill controlled prescriptions in this digital format. PioneerRx pharmacies process eScripts through SureScripts to ensure compliance and safety. The prescriptions are automatically added to a queue in your workflow, and the system will populate as many data fields as possible for quick processing.

Eric Saul, pharmacist and co-owner of Medicap Pharmacy in Casper, WY,  chose PioneerRx pharmacy software based on colleague recommendations and its capabilities, including electronic communication. “The beauty of eScripts is that we can communicate with providers bi-directionally without interrupting the workflow. We communicate with them on what we need – sometimes it’s clarification. This allows us more time to focus on the specific, individual patient needs. The incoming scripts are thorough and complete, and we love it.”

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