At PioneerRx, we understand the importance of efficient prescription workflow in facility settings.

That's why we offer Facility Cycles, a powerful feature that allows pharmacies to take control and streamline the process of preparing orders for all of the facility's patients together.

About Cycle Filling for Facilities

Similar to medication synchronization, Facility Cycles enable pharmacies to consolidate orders and efficiently deliver medications to facility patients.

With flexible options, you can customize cycles that align with your adherence packaging needs, making the process easier than ever within our pharmacy management system.

Tori Jourdan, a pharmacy technician at Revolution Meds Pharmacy in Fairfax, VA, relies on PioneerRx's pharmacy software to effectively manage facility patients. Tori appreciates the time-saving benefits that Facility Cycles bring to their operations.

"Being able to set it up this way makes things faster for us in the pharmacy," says Tori. "We have some group homes in our system, so PioneerRx helps us fill and process everything automatically. We can choose to set it to 30 or 31 days, and it saves us so much time!"

With PioneerRx's Facility Cycles, you can optimize your workflow and enhance efficiency in facility settings. By consolidating orders and automating processes, you can reduce manual tasks, minimize errors, and save valuable time in your pharmacy operations.

Our pharmacy software empowers you to tailor Facility Cycles to your specific needs, ensuring that you can provide efficient and accurate medication services to facility patients.

Whether it's setting up cycles for group homes, long-term care facilities, or other facility settings, PioneerRx offers the flexibility you need to optimize adherence packaging and prescription management.


Take control of your facility prescription workflow with PioneerRx's Facility Cycles. Experience the convenience, efficiency, and time-saving benefits that our customizable solution brings to your pharmacy.

Contact us today to learn more about how PioneerRx can transform your facility operations and help you provide exceptional care to your facility patients.
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