Katie Westgerdes is the Pharmacy Manager at ONU HealthWise Pharmacy. She was a speaker at Cardinal RBC this past month, addressing the benefits of adopting med sync into your workflow and how that can help you leverage your software system.

ONU HealthWise is a pharmacy on the Ohio Northern University campus, but according to Katie Westgerdes, this does not limit their reach as a community pharmacy. Located in a rural county, ONU is surrounded by several medically underserved communities.

The pharmacy staff takes this opportunity to do mobile, free health screenings and point-of-care testing for residents in these areas. As a result, they gain exposure and bring in new patients.

Servicing both university students and local residents, ONU HealthWise must remain organized in order to provide for such a large, diverse set of patients.

Cue Med Sync

Westgerdes has been using medication synchronization for 6 years, so she knows a thing or two about its importance.

At Cardinal RBC, she spoke about how med sync is crucial for balancing out the unpredictable workload of a pharmacy and accomplishing more with fewer staff members.

“You’ll see that your staff is working ahead, they’re proactively reaching out to patients, they’re problem-solving ahead of time. It makes them much more efficient,” she explains.

With PioneerRx pharmacy software, med sync is already built directly into the system, along with a variety of other tools your pharmacy needs to provide the best care possible.

Westgerdes comments on the importance of choosing a robust software: “I think a program like PioneerRx is important because all of the extra things aren’t extra,” she says. “Nothing I’ve seen is as all-inclusive and…as customizable as Pioneer. So, to me, if you want to…get new customers because you’re offering something different, it only makes sense to have a software system that can help you do that.”

Keeping up-to-date with available technologies such as med sync is beneficial for both your pharmacy and your patients.

While Westgerdes understands change can be hard, she has proof that the benefits are worth it. One major result ONU HealthWise has seen is the loyalty of their patients, who stay with them for the level of personalized care they provide.

The ability to provide the highest level of care emerges from leveraging your technology to amplify your clinical capabilities.

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