Only the best pharmacy systems simplify the process of splitting NDCs. In any pharmacy setting, you will most likely need to complete a fill with a chemically equivalent drug if the BOH of the prescribed medication is not enough.

When stock bottles are sold in quantities of 100, but prescriptions are filled in quantities of 30, your inventory levels will inevitably require using those accumulative quantities left on the shelf to complete a patient’s prescription order.

With PioneerRx, users can handle split NDCs throughout the workflow at Data Entry, the Fill Station, and the Check Station.

Only the medication with the higher quantity is billed, and PioneerRx handles the inventory updates, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

Pam Rice, Pharmacy Manager of Becks Drugs in Eldorado, IL, reports that she and her staff encounter split NDCs daily and rely on PioneerRx’s pharmacy software features to fill and bill them efficiently.

“PioneerRx makes it easier for us to maintain inventory and get the reimbursements we need. Our wholesaler does change NDCs a lot, so we have to keep trying to find the cheapest NDC to stay ahead of the reimbursements,” Pam explains. “It helps keep our inventory organized. Instead of having to adjust each drug individually, it keeps up with changed NDCs for us. Another thing is the updated image. When we’re checking the drug, there are both images of the drug on there.”  
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