Congratulations to Steve Sheldon of Sheldon’s Express Pharmacy in Bowling Green, KY! He was recently honored at the 2019 Cardinal Health RBC for winning the Ken Wurster Community Leadership Award. Continue reading to learn more about how he expands the meaning of community pharmacy.

Winners of the Ken Wurster Award are chosen for their inspirational leadership, community involvement, and overall commitment to promoting community pharmacy. At Sheldon’s Express Pharmacy, Founder/CEO Steve Sheldon has instilled these values and leads by example to show that pharmacy is more than just business.

No Stranger to Independent Pharmacy

With 7 current locations and 2 more openings within the year, Sheldon’s is no stranger to independent pharmacy.

Operations Coordinator Leslie Bidwell uses PioneerRx software to keep things running smoothly on a daily basis, allowing the pharmacy staff to focus on their customers. At Sheldon’s, they know that being in touch with your community is vital for providing the best customer experience possible.

As Bidwell puts it: “You’ve got to know what’s affecting them to know how to help them.”

Leslie has worked with Steve for 10 years, so she has seen his dedication firsthand.

When it comes to community involvement, Steve has pushed outside of the boundaries of his profession.  No act of service is too trivial – from getting roads paved to coaching local sports teams.

Improving Quality of Life

It’s all about improving the overall quality of life for his community.

According to Leslie, what caught the attention of Cardinal was Curbside Ministry, an organization started by Steve and his wife Terri 10 years ago.

In a renovated ice cream truck, the couple drove around Bowling Green teaching the gospel to children in underdeveloped neighborhoods. Curbside Ministries has since expanded to a permanent building, as well.

Leslie reflects on Steve’s genuine leadership style, explaining that, "He’s not one of those people that’s ‘Do as I say, not as I do’. He’s probably gonna work harder than you are.”

As a result, the staff is inspired to voluntarily donate their time to activities like mission trips, organizational walks, and the annual Race for the Cure. Steve is also a Kentucky state representative serving on several local committees and boards.

At Sheldon’s Pharmacy, patients are treated like family when they come in.

Even the atmosphere feels like home. Sheldon’s wants to give its customers “the best service possible and make them happy to come in,” Leslie remarks. “They’re not your typical kind of sterile white pharmacies.”

Focus on the Customer

For 30 years and counting, Sheldon’s pharmacies have been a pillar of their community, building a loyal customer base along the way. And they keep their customers in mind.

“Every year we try to add a new service or add a new piece of technology…that will enhance their experience”, Bidwell notes. “The focus is just always on the customer.”

Steve Sheldon has inspired countless people on his own team and within the community. His dedication to well-being in all aspects of life and genuine care for people is a reminder of the true meaning of community pharmacy.

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