When you’ve been in business for 125 years, you’re bound to go through a good amount of change.

Williamsburg Drug has remained a valuable part of their community for over a century because they adapt to shifts in the industry and continue to care about their patients’ overall wellness.

Thomas “TW” Taylor, owner of Williamsburg Drug, says it all comes down to his powerhouse team.

“I have a team of people that are just phenomenal, the best of the best. Our whole team is enthused and excited and we love what we do. And that translates into a pleasant experience for our customers.”

And according to Taylor, focusing on that experience is how they take patient care to another level.

Digging Beneath the Surface

“At our store I’m not interested in customer service. I’m interested in customer experience. You give the customer the experience they expect, because you and I may expect different experiences,” he explains.

This personalization carries over into the way they approach their patients’ health as well.

Every patient is unique. So why shouldn’t their treatments be unique?

The team at Williamsburg Drug relies heavily on labs and testing to better analyze each patient’s situation.

“We help people be their healthiest, and that’s not necessarily meaning prescriptions. So we do these deep dives to find out why you don’t feel like you used to, and perform testing to – not guess, but know – what your needs are.”

Taylor says they refer to this method as Root Cause Analysis. Patients can easily track their own labs through an online portal, and if you’re on a personalized wellness plan – you even get your own 3-ring binder compiling your process and results from start to finish.

Don’t Get Left Behind

This attention to each individual’s overall health and wellness translates to the use of care goals and care actions within their PioneerRx pharmacy software.

They can easily document the the steps they take – from blood tests, to analyzing hormone levels, to body composition analysis – and show the concrete improvements that are made over time. This is all compiled by the software into eCare Plans that can be submitted as clinical reimbursements for their pharmacy.

Williamsburg Drug has recently converted systems to PioneerRx, and Taylor says they couldn’t be more satisfied with their decision.

“With our previous vendor, we were just falling behind. What [PioneerRx] offered was so much more superior, it was worth the switch. And we’re extremely happy that we’ve done it. We love so many things about the software.”

And with 120+ home deliveries made each day, they also love the convenience of the Delivery Management Module which connects their POS to a mobile app for seamless integration of deliveries into their workflow.

Not Your Typical Patient

But their services don’t stop there. Williamsburg Drug also has a second location that has a nationally accredited compounding facility.

“We do hundreds and hundreds of compounds a week,” Taylor notes.

However, not all of the medications are made for humans.

“We also have. . .veterinarian compounding,” Taylor continues. “We do cats and dogs of course, but we do a lot of exotic animals [like] wolves, rats, raptors, eagles, hawks, bearded dragons, and snakes. We have a snake right now that’s got some skin issues. So we’ve given a topical skin preparation made just for the snake to help heal this wound. So a lot of really cool stuff.”

The “Wow” Factor

It’s not just typical prescription filing – there is so much more that Williamsburg Drug has to offer.

They look at their patients holistically and guide them to healthier, more informed lifestyles through a personalized experience.

The team at Williamsburg Drug is passionate about providing the highest level of care for their community and tailoring services for every person’s – or animal’s – needs. They also actively promote education by hosting speakers, webinars, and even offering a weekly “Williamsburg Drug Wellness Wednesday” class on various health topics.

“We want the patient [to] leave with a “wow”. . . a fascination or captivation where that person feels like “gosh, I can’t wait to come back.”
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