Reduce DIR Fees That Cut Into Your Margins

Only the top pharmacy softwares equip pharmacies with the tools needed to track the DIR fees that wreak havoc on profit margins. PioneerRx makes it easy to automatically track third party DIR fees within workflow. The real-time adjudication response screen will notify you on the status of your claims, as well as the revenue expected from each claim. This allows pharmacies to better manage their financial reports and accurately assess gross profits. Users can even set up alerts with Rx Edits & Rx Triggers to immediately catch any prescriptions with high DIR percentages and prompt searching for an alternative Rx. PioneerRx has the built-in tools you need to be proactive and track DIR fees throughout your pharmacy’s workflow.

Barry Klein, owner and PIC of Klein’s Pharmacy in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, has recently begun using the DIR Fee features within his PioneerRx software, and he has already seen success. “Our account manager, Kari, has been extremely helpful along the way,” says Barry. “Before, we were retrospectively tracking it week by week. Now that we’re monitoring DIR fees with the software, our goal is now to create an Rx Trigger based on the third-party plan that has DIR fees and keeping an eye on the adherence of the patients within that plan.”  Now, independent pharmacies can take an active role in monitoring clawbacks and finding more profitable solutions to keep their businesses successful.

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