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Mission Objective: Save + Revitalize Independent Pharmacy™

You Should Love Your Pharmacy System

Top 10 Reasons to Love PioneerRx Pharmacy Software


A Partner Who Has Your Back

PioneerRx’s mission is to Save and Revitalize independent pharmacy by making patient care a competitive and profitable advantage once again. With powerful and customizable features, we have created what we call Tactical Pharmacy.


Everyone is Doing It

Did you know, 50% of our PioneerRx pharmacy software sales are referrals from existing customers.


User-Driven Features

In the last year, we averaged 13 new updates every week. Many of those updates are inspired by you! Our pharmacy owners, pharmacists, pharmacy techs and pharmacy staff play a huge role in our innovation.


Rapid Innovation

From weekly automatic software and database updates, to our user-driven Community Idea portal, we deliver cutting-edge technology in one integrated pharmacy system.


MTM/5-Star Ratings

Improve your patients’ health and increase profit/revenue with Mirixa, OutcomesMTM, labs, immunization and more integrated into your pharmacy system.


Healthier Patients

With our integrated Rx Syncing and easy search features, you can efficiently improve your patients’ health and adherence, which also enables you to better participate in your patients’ wellness.


Maximize Your Profits

PioneerRx’s customers will tell you they are making more money


Rapid Data Entry

You can customize your tab stops, use keyboard shortcuts, pull information from the NPI/DEA database, and easily fill prescriptions from eScripts. These are only a few features that save you time.


Integrated Point of Sale

With a truly integrated point of sale, you have direct access to pricing and patient information, seamlessly becoming part of your pharmacy systems workflow.


Quick Disaster Recovery

Your pharmacy software data is backed up to the Cloud. This meets HIPAA requirements and minimizing downtime in the event of an emergency.

Top Reason to Love PioneerRx

According to a 2018 Independent Survey

These Facts Speak for Themselves

PioneerRx is the highest rated pharmacy management system

Ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction


Their satisfaction is a direct reflection on how PioneerRx is servicing our industry. Are you satisfied with your current pharmacy software?

PioneerRx is the most installed pharmacy management system

Most Installed Pharmacy Software


It’s no secret that PioneerRx is the most advanced, innovative and intuitive pharmacy software on the market. Isn’t it time to see it in action?


January Installations


New Locations

Installed PioneerRx



Join the Wave

Watch "Can you predict your future?"

Can you predict your future?

PioneerRx helps Independent Pharmacies create their own future.

President of PioneerRx Pharmacy Software, Jeff Key inspires PDS members to out-innovate their Goliath. Today’s answers will not work on tomorrows test. Investing in the right people and the right tools will help independent pharmacy have a future.



Join the Movement

PioneerRx is about more than pharmacy software, we have taken on the personal pursuit to Save + Revitalize our industry. But, it’s going to take a community of pharmacy leaders, regardless of the software they use. We’d like to introduce them to you. Click below and learn more about how these creative pharmacy leaders are doing their part to Save + Revitalize Independent Pharmacy.

Nicolette Mathey

Featured Movement Leader

“These pharmacy owners are incredible. We always need to be learning from each other, and we need to elevate pharmacy.”

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