Josh Howland
SVP of Clinical Strategy + Development
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Speculations on a Post COVID-19 World

2020 has been filled with abrupt change in the healthcare landscape and in our day-to-day lives. But are these changes here to stay? On this episode, the guys predict what the future will hold in a post-pandemic world. They cover everything from normalizing temperature checks and mask-wearing, to immunizations and telehealth.

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Could You Pass the Sniff Test

Today we welcome our good friend Gina Groves, the very first pharmacy technician at PioneerRx who shaped our entire support model. Gina sits down with Jeff, Josh, and Mark to talk about the COVID buzz and innovative solutions she hears while talking to pharmacies. They further discuss vaccinations and employee screenings (a new sniff test?), while addressing new workflows for remote pharmacy operations.

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Tripp Logan: The Renaissance Man of Pharmacy

Tripp Logan is truly the Renaissance Man of Pharmacy. He is a co-owner of L & S Pharmacy in Charleston, MO, COO of Enhanced Service Pharmacy Alliance, Partner and Consultant at MedHere Today, NCPA Innovation Board Member, CPESN Luminary, and a dedicated father and husband. He’s always ready to show up for his family, his community, and his patients. Jeff, Josh, and Mark get an inside look at the innovative projects Tripp takes on, all while getting to know the man behind the machine.

Maximizing Your Pharmacy’s Potential

Growing your pharmacy doesn’t always have to mean adding new services or hiring new employees. Sometimes, all it takes is looking at your existing operations and finding areas to maximize your potential. Brad White is the VP of a group of independent pharmacies in the Ohio area, and it’s not by accident that they are all running smoothly. White shares his advice on minimizing gaps on your team, maximizing your investments...

Complacency Is Your Biggest Hurdle

With enough hard work and a little imagination, you can do anything you set your mind to. This is Joe Williams’ personal mantra, as he is always seeking out new business opportunities in the most unlikely places. He encourages pharmacists to move past the traditional pharmacy model and challenge themselves to not be complacent...

Med Sync: Getting Past the Tipping Point

Med sync requires a lot of work up front, but once you get to the tipping point - that’s when the hard work pays off. That tipping point is when you start to see a shift in the amount of work you’re putting in, and the time-saving benefits of med sync start to kick in. In order to get to this point, we have to flip the narrative. We have to remember that med sync shouldn’t feel like an upsell. We have to convince ourselves, our staff, and our...

Planting the Seed of Wellness

A silver lining of the pandemic has been the creation of new opportunities for some independent pharmacies, and the common thread between these stores is their preparation and planning. Kavanaugh Pharmacy has been busy with distributing, storing, and administering the Covid vaccine as well as performing thousands of Covid tests for their community...

The Greatest Medicine of All

The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how to not need it. Michael Muniz is inspired by this every day as he helps people turn their lives around through the use of functional medicine. Michael is a trained pharmacist, nutritionist, surgical tech, President-Elect of the Texas Pharmacy Association, and owner of My NuRx Pharmacy in Harlingen, TX. Our host Will Tuft follows Michael’s inspiring journey that led him to the unique...