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Sometimes a medicine’s taste is the only thing standing between a child and getting healthy.

FLAVORx empowers kids to choose the taste of their medication, making medicine-time easier for little ones and their parents. Pharmacies that offer FLAVORx go the extra mile for their customers. Not only do patients have the option to choose the way they want their medicine to taste, the Fillmaster Auto and Pro seamlessly integrate reconstitution and flavoring into pharmacy workflow. A faster, more personal customer experience means happier kids and parents. That’s a lot to smile about!

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We offer dispensing options to fit every pharmacy’s needs. From flavoring manually with the FLAVORx Pediatric System to completely automated flavoring and reconstitution with the Fillmaster Auto, we have your pharmacy covered. FlavorRx offers: Essential flavors and flavoring agents, comprehensive flavoring formulary (online), dispensing caps and syringes, in-store and digital marketing materials, doctor detailing materials (upon request), one year of FLAVORx Certification and flavoring database updates, 24/7 customer support.

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FlavorRx – Fillmaster

Flavoring System
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Now, more than ever, pharmacies need to offer innovative unique services to survive and thrive.

FLAVORx will help your pharmacy staff genuinely engage with customers and personalize the products and services you offer to deliver a great experience. By letting your patients choose the taste of the medication, there is a greater chance that they will adhere to their medication and feel better faster. From our pediatric and Veterinary medication flavoring systems, to the advanced automation of the Fillmaster Plus, FLAVORx has the products and marketing resources to help your business succeed.

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