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Concordance Healthcare Solutions is your partner in patient care.

We are dedicated to operating with the highest level of trust, integrity and commitment while delivering dynamic, dependable service that increases operational efficiencies throughout every level of the supply chain. Concordance provides the technology and solutions that support the logistics, contracts and processes behind the quality medical supplies and healthcare equipment that you need. Concordance brings a legacy of personalized service to address the unique needs of our customers across the continuum of care.

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At Concordance Healthcare Solutions, our purpose is to positively impact the lives of our employees, our healthcare providers and the patients they serve each and every day. We are committed to delivering consistent, customer-centric, patient-focused service that increases our customers' efficiency while reducing the cost of care through a flexible and customizable approach, innovative and dynamic supply chain solutions, dedication to our core principles: respect, integrity, excellence, innovation and commitment.

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Concordance Health Solutions – Smart Med Reminder

Smart Bottle Cap
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Keep Patients on Track

The Smart Med Reminder is a unique system that combines two parts – a signaling bottle cap that beeps and flashes light, and a mobile app that notifies you when it is time to take your medicine. The Smart Med Reminder cap is programmed and placed onto the prescription bottle by the pharmacist beforehand and automatically synced with the patient’s dosing schedule.

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