Another year, another Catalyst Connect conference is in the books. Catalyst Connect has become the premier pharmacy event of the year and this year’s event only raised the bar higher.

Last week saw hundreds of pharmacy professionals and experts from all over the country come together to meet, network, and create lightbulb moments. That’s what Catalyst Connect is all about: a simple conversation with a new person can ignite that next great idea.

We’ve talked about the importance of getting out of your pharmacy, and this year’s Catalyst Connect 2024 exemplified why a change of scenery can do wonders for your outlook on pharmacy work.

With no further ado, let’s go over some of Catalyst Connect 2024’s greatest hits.

Friday Morning Inspiration

Catalyst Connect 2024 kicked off a morning full of inspiration from RedSail Technologies leadership and NCPA. Starting off, CEO Kraig McEwen encouraged pharmacies to think big and act small, highlighting growth among RedSail Technologies pharmacies despite a recent decline from chains.

Then we have the ever-inspirational President Emeritus Jeff Key. His keynote (no pun intended) reminded attendees to stay present when focusing on success saying, “You can’t have a great life without having a great day.”

President of Pharmacy Management Systems (and occasional host of the Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast) Josh Howland stated that pharmacy is at a tipping point (and is getting punched in the face). Perseverance is the name of Josh’s game: “Are you going to quit or keep going?”

Finally, representatives from NCPA Trust, LLC highlighted their work on DIR fee reform. 2024 has long been dubbed the year of the “DIRpocalypse,” and pharmacies across the country are fighting to afford their medications and serve their patients. SB444 ensures that pharmacies are properly reimbursed for their costs without increasing patient premiums. Click here to learn more and join their movement.

Tips and Tricks - Will Tuft

You know him, you love him, and you’ve probably listened to him as the host of the Beyond the Scripts Podcast. The fan-favorite Tips and Tricks class returned for this year’s Catalyst Connect, with Will Tuft shining a light on some PioneerRx pharmacy software features that you might not be familiar with.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your pharmacy’s profits (check out this blog for specifics) or streamline your pharmacy’s workflow, this was an absolute can’t-miss class.

The learning and collaboration did not stop there, however. Will’s class, as was the case with every class, ended with more questions and collaboration for the attendees. Catalyst Connect attendees get to talk with speakers after classes conclude, furthering the chance for more discussion and forward-thinking ideas.

Technician PowerHouse - Tiffany Capps and Meredy Ayers

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Pharmacy techs are the MVP of an industry full of essential workers. Flip the Pharmacy’s Tiffany Capps and Meredy Ayers class showed that pharmacy techs do more than fill prescriptions or take phone calls: they help shape your pharmacy’s future.

Tiffany and Meredy detailed all the ways that techs are indispensable, from stabilizing workflow to creating lasting patient relationships. They also discussed obstacles all techs are facing, such as promotions, hours being cut, and a high annual turnover rate.

Though parts of the class were sobering, Tiffany and Meredy reaffirmed that a pharmacy’s success depends on its techs.

Proactive Health: The New Business of Pharmacy - Kathy Campbell

Dr. Kathy made her return to the Catalyst Connect stage by showcasing the new and unlikely ways your pharmacy can generate a profit. At the end of the day, independent pharmacies are businesses and businesses need to make money to stay afloat.

Dr. Kathy knows this better than most. In her class, she goes over striking a balance between your pharmacy’s financial health and your patient’s health. Pharmacy work is more than just meeting quotas or filling prescriptions within a certain timeframe — it all comes down to making your patients a happier and healthier version of themselves, even if that means deprescribing. Your patient’s health success ultimately becomes your pharmacy’s success, and Dr. Kathy provided the blueprint to do just that.

Check out her appearance on the Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast here:

LTC at Home - Paul Shelton and Lindsay Dymowski

Catalyst Connect Sunday concluded with a pair of classes that looked toward the future — the long-term care future, in fact.

Paul Shelton and Lindsay Dymowski, who you might know from the AmplifyLTC Podcast, gave the 411 on all things LTC. Just like their AmplifyLTC Conference classes (you had to be there), they offered tools and insights to help jumpstart LTC services for your pharmacy.

Whether it’s getting started or leveraging your PioneerRx pharmacy system, they gave the blueprint for LTC pharmacy excellence. Such nuggets of wisdom can only be found in mass abundance at Catalyst Connect.

Pharmacy Inside-Out Workshop

Sometimes a class is so big and jam-packed with information that it becomes a series. Such is the case with the Pharmacy Inside-Out Workshop taught by pharmacy superstars Amina Abubakar, Ben Jolley, Amy Kern, Nicolette Mathey, Jennifer Palazzolo, and Joe Williams.

This two-day class flew by as our speakers took a deep dive into all things PioneerRx, from further leveraging your software to growing non-dispensing revenue streams. This class revolutionized the approach to pharmacy success by educating attendees that a successful pharmacy must operate both as a business and as a healthcare provider, with each aspect complementing the other.

Conclusion — See You Next Year!

This is just a brief summary of Catalyst Connect 2024. Every day offered new opportunities to learn and grow our pharmacy operations, both in scale and ambition.

Thank you to all our amazing attendees, speakers, and connected vendors for coming. Your participation made the Catalyst Connect Conference the rousing success it was.

We hope you gained valuable insights, made meaningful connections, and enjoyed the classes and sessions.

The learning and innovation don’t stop here, however. We're thrilled to announce that next year's conference will be held on June 5-8 in Grapevine, TX, at the Gaylord Texan Resort. We have a lot of exciting things planned and can't wait to share them with you. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

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