Behind every great retail pharmacy software is a team of employees working tirelessly to keep the independent pharmacy industry ahead of the curve.

At PioneerRx, every employee is a crucial cog in the machine of success: our developers who update the software weekly, our account managers who make sure your pharmacy is succeeding, even our receptionists who are the first PioneerRx employees you will talk to.

We all rely on each other every day. Of course, everyone has that coworker. You know, the coworker who always has the answers to your questions. The one who never fails to help you out with an issue. The one who enthusiastically greets you with a genuine smile.

Everyone at PioneerRx is that coworker, so we like to shine the spotlight on our employees who go above and beyond their normal job requirements. Every PioneerRx employee can anonymously recognize a coworker and explain how they are ridiculously awesome.

This year, we had an overwhelming response to our survey, and some of the comments were worth sharing.

“Dave is like a rock for the Development team. He’s always there to help with a smile on his face.”
“Liz is a great worker and has a heart of gold!”
“Josh loves his job, and his excitement is infectious!”
“We would be lost without Trace!”
“Thank you Annie for being one of the many highlights that make PioneerRx a great place to work!”

Take the time to commend a coworker who is ridiculously awesome!

Think you’d like to join the PioneerRx family? Check out our available jobs to see if we’re on the lookout for someone like you!

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