Irving, TX - PioneerRx Pharmacy Software has released a new Multi-Batch Compounding feature to help increase safety and accuracy for pharmacies in providing compounded medications. As healthcare providers, pharmacists have the responsibility to keep patients safe and be able to accurately document and track dispensed drugs for quality assurance. Compounded drugs come with additional challenges in identifying lot numbers, as there may be multiple batches used in a single compounded medication. The Multi-Batch Compounding feature will enable pharmacy staff to attach multiple batches to a drug and be able to trace back all lot numbers associated with creating a compounded medication, allowing for improved drug safety compliance.

Pharmacies that offer compounding as a service will typically either compound drugs on-demand, in an exact amount at the time it is requested, or in-advance, creating a large batch to be used as needed.

When compounding in advance, a pharmacy employee may dispense part of a batch for one prescription and still have remaining stock on the shelf that can be dispensed for a future prescription. In some cases, a prescription may be formed using multiple batches if there is not enough inventory left in one batch.

Instead of just choosing one of those batches to link to the prescription, now pharmacy staff can utilize Multi-Batch Compounding to accurately record lot information and trace back all the ingredients that were used to create a certain compound. 

PioneerRx user Christina Cohn is a Pharmacy Manager and Compounding Specialist at Klein’s Pharmacy in Cuyahoga Falls, OH.

She emphasizes the importance of maintaining quality assurance in order to maintain the trust of patients and other providers.

"The Multi-Batch Compounding feature is awesome because we can enter how much of each lot we are using in an Rx. If we ever come into a quality assurance issue or need to look something up, it is so much easier to track that down and requires much less manpower to figure it out,” says Cohn. “This update is huge for us because I feel a lot more confident in things not being accidentally missed because it's not fully linked to the lot it came from. I'm really excited about it.”

The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) is a major component in the practical use of Multi-Batch Compounding within PioneerRx.

The DSCSA aims to create a standardized system to identify and trace prescription drugs in order to protect consumers from potentially harmful substances. Pharmacists should be aware of their responsibilities under the DSCSA, which include the proper tracing documentation of drugs, and processes for investigation and handling of illegitimate and harmful drugs.

With features like Multi-Batch Compounding, PioneerRx pharmacies are better equipped to properly manage and track their dispensed medications.

“This is an important stride forward in DSCSA compliance for independent pharmacies,” says Josh Howland, PharmD, VP of Clinical Strategy at PioneerRx.

Multi-Batch Compounding is a valuable tool for pharmacies that offer compounding as a service. With increased accuracy in tracking lot information, pharmacies can protect their patients, improve their drug safety compliance, and save time on tracking down drugs due to recalls or other quality assurance issues.

The PioneerRx team continues to develop new features that intuitively incorporate compliance measures into workflow, creating a practical way for pharmacists to responsibly administer medications to their patients and meet compliance requirements. 

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