Drug safety compliance is an important responsibility for independent pharmacies.

It can get tricky when it comes to compounded medications, since there may be multiple batches and lot numbers to trace in a single Rx. With the PioneerRx Multi-Batch Compounding feature, pharmacies can accurately record lot information when dispensing a compound medication formed from two different batches. 


Rx 1 uses Batch 1

Rx 2 uses combination of Batch 1 & 2 (not enough left in Batch 1)

Rx 3 uses Batch 2

In this case, PioneerRx users can link information from both Batch 1 and Batch 2 and attach it to Rx 2, instead of just choosing one batch to link it to. This is essential in quality assurance situations, such as recalls. In order to accurately and efficiently track down all medications that were compounded using a recalled substance, it is important to have detailed lot information recorded and readily available. 

Klein’s Pharmacy in Cuyahoga Falls, OH is a PioneerRx pharmacy with a certified compounding laboratory that offers prescription compounding services for multiple health conditions.

Compounding is a major portion of the business operations at Klein’s Pharmacy, so their team is committed to maintaining high levels of safety and quality assurance.

“We need to make sure we maintain the trust of our patients and providers,” says Christina Cohn, Pharmacy Manager and Compounding Specialist at Klein’s Pharmacy. “The Multi-Batch Compounding feature is awesome because we can enter how much of each lot we are using and be able to link it to each Rx. If we ever come into some sort of quality assurance issue or need to look something up, it is so much easier to track that down and requires much less manpower to figure it out.” By using their PioneerRx pharmacy software, the team at Klein’s can responsibly and accurately manage their compounding services with ease. “This update is huge for us because I feel a lot more confident in things not being accidentally missed because it's not fully linked to the lot it came from,” adds Cohn. “I'm really excited about it.”

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