In the world of independent pharmacy, communication is key.

This doesn’t just apply to communication with patients but also with other providers: namely, other pharmacists. Previously, pharmacists had to communicate via long calls or frustrating fax messages, which took up valuable time and resources. In many cases, communication became a chore — that is, until now.

Thanks to a new update from PioneerRx Pharmacy Software, communication is easier than ever before.

Quickly and Easily Communicate

With the new Pharmacy-to-Pharmacy Messaging feature, pharmacists can quickly and easily communicate with others in the PioneerRx network.

They can reach out to other locations within the same company or other pharmacies within the same area. They can ask questions, get answers, and seek out advice across one convenient platform.

Pharmacy-to-Pharmacy Messaging cuts down the time and effort it takes to communicate, increasing convenience and opening up new avenues for collaboration. It comes with several new and innovative capabilities, including adding attachments and receiving delivery/read receipts.

PioneerRx users will also get alerts in the To-Do List every time they receive a new notification, ensuring that no message is ever missed.

The Future of Pharmacy Messaging

Josh Howland, Pharm.D., Senior VP of Clinical Strategy and Development, is optimistic about the new capabilities.

“One of the things that consistently hinders efficiency in pharmacies — both in dispensing and clinical activities — is the ability to communicate. Pharmacy-to-Pharmacy Messaging is our way to clear that hurdle, facilitating efficient and effective communication," Howland says.
He goes on to say, "Often, pharmacies will make several calls to other pharmacies in their area to see if they offer a particular service, if they have a specific drug that they can inter-store transfer, or if they have a staff member who’s willing to pick up another shift. All of this can now be accomplished in PioneerRx. Pharmacies can easily get help, get answers, and bounce ideas off their colleagues.”

How to Access Pharmacy-to-Pharmacy Messaging

In an ever-changing healthcare space, it’s more important than ever that independent pharmacists come together. With features like Pharmacy-to-Pharmacy Messaging, PioneerRx is giving you the tools you need to do it.

For more information about Pharmacy-to-Pharmacy Messaging, visit the Help file in PioneerRx and navigate to Location > Message Center (Pharmacies).

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