There’s never a dull moment in the pharmacy. As a pharmacy owner, you should have plans and procedures in place to combat the unexpected. 

Even so, you can’t plan for every unexpected occurrence. The important part is how you respond to a surprising development. Some may prefer a “go with the flow” mentality, but pharmacy work requires forward thinking and careful planning.

Though you can’t literally expect the unexpected, you can create a work environment where adaptability is its specialty. 

Here’s how you can expect the unexpected in your pharmacy work. 

Pay Attention to Industry Trends 

pharmacy industry trends

The pharmacy industry is constantly changing. Today’s latest and greatest fad will instantly become yesterday’s news. One sure thing about pharmacy trends is that they’ll likely involve more than dispensing medications.

Most patients expect your pharmacy to provide services beyond filling prescriptions or giving annual flu vaccinations. Clinical services have long been the rage in the industry, and that trend shows no signs of slowing down. 

In this case, the “unexpected” part of the equation is realizing your pharmacy may not be providing services the way it should be. Expect the unexpected by keeping your ear to the ground when it comes to industry trends. 

Studying and analyzing pharmacy industry trends will give you an idea of how to innovate and grow your pharmacy. The more services you provide, the more likely new patients will come to your pharmacy. 

Establish an Effective Workflow System 

establish an effective workflow

Now let’s get to the literal side of things. Pharmacy work runs at a hectic pace. At its best, it’s a smooth but brisk ride. At its worst, pharmacy work can feel like a madhouse. 

It’s also difficult to tell whether the day is going to be a good or bad one from the start. If you’re Owl Pharmacy Owner Jackson Justus, however, you’ve already made your mind up: 

We can’t all be like Jackson, however. Sometimes the key to having a great day at the pharmacy is how you handle the madness of the day. And the best way to expect the unexpected is by establishing an effective workflow system.

The script for pharmacy work changes every day. However, an effective workflow system will help you adjust to any impromptu changes. 

The best way to start is with your staff. Recognize your staff’s individual strengths and use that to your pharmacy’s advantage: station your customer-savvy clerk to the front while you assign your fill maestro to the fill station. 

Working to your staff’s strengths will help your pharmacy expect the unexpected, resulting in shorter wait times and greater convenience for your patients. 

Utilize PioneerRx 

Your pharmacy staff is an invaluable part of your pharmacy work. They help weather any storm that comes your pharmacy’s way. But your staff and workflow can only expect the unexpected so much without the right pharmacy software system.

With PioneerRx, however, you have all the tools to expect the unexpected — and then some. 

PioneerRx provides you with all the tools to establish an efficient workflow system. What’s more, it also lets you automate certain pharmacy tasks so you can focus on more urgent matters. 

Take the Report Designer for example. PioneerRx is regularly adding new fields and templates to make your workflow even more efficient. The Report Designer lets you create reports your way, giving you more time to expect the unexpected.

A Will Call return report is already helpful, but what if you can add a patient’s notification preference? Or their language preference? Maybe they prefer text messages to phone calls. Knowing your patient’s preferences informs and enhances your workflow. 

PioneerRx helps make time-consuming pharmacy tasks more manageable and efficient, giving you more time to handle whatever comes your pharmacy’s way. 

Visit our blog, “3 PioneerRx Features You Should Be Using,” to learn more about PioneerRx features that can take your workflow to the next level. 

Practice Self Care 

practice self care

Burnout is a very real part of pharmacy work. A typical day can take a lot out of you — both physically and mentally. To adequately take on the day ahead, you need a clear mind and plenty of time. 

Achieving a quality work-life balance is essential to effectively expecting the unexpected. Take your 15-minute breaks, and make the most out of your lunch (phone use during breaks can actually increase stress levels, according to the Journal of Behavioral Addictions). 

Whenever you can, sit down, open a book, take a deep breath, and allow yourself to recharge your mental batteries. 

Check out our RxLocal blog,  “4 Ways to Minimize Burnout,“ to learn more ways to achieve a kinder work-life balance.

Keep Training 

The best way to expect the unexpected is to stay on your toes. When it comes to pharmacy work, it’s all about practice, practice, and practice. 

The industry is always evolving, and so should your workflow. Today’s solutions may not stand the test of time in the long run. Always strive to liven up your pharmacy’s workflow. 

Think of professional athletes who endlessly hone their skills. To the untrained eye, a simple jump shot doesn’t require much practice or adjustment. But to the athlete, there’s a world’s worth of improvement to be made: 

How can you make your fill process more efficient? How can you make the patientgoing experience even more convenient? How can you further optimize workflow? 

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it — but make it even better. 


There’s always something to do in your pharmacy, which means there’s always something to improve. 

Expected the unexpected by knowing what lies ahead. Expecting the unexpected is all about knowing industry trends and understanding your pharmacy’s current trajectory. 

Whether you’re keeping your ear to the ground, further utilizing PioneerRx, or giving yourself a much-needed break, do what you always do best: expect the unexpected by making the most of the situation.  

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