Take patient communication to another level with the Waiting Board, an additional feature of PioneerRx’s pharmacy management system.

The Waiting Board serves as a digital notification center that may display up-to-date weather, news, and custom advertisements. One of the most practical uses is to display a PHI-compliant list of patients whose prescriptions are ready for pickup.

This minimizes the amount of interruptions by notifying the customers who have chosen to wait for their prescriptions.

Paul Santos, pharmacist at Rinehart Clinic in Wheeler, OR, values the time he and his customers save with the Waiting Board feature available in PioneerRx’s pharmacy system.

“It’s great to be able to communicate to the folks that their prescriptions are ready, instead of having to leave the counter to look for them,” says Paul. “It keeps things moving so our customers aren’t waiting longer than they need to.”  
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