Scan, Attach, Organize, and Retrieve Your Documents

Top pharmacy software systems like PioneerRx incorporate the ability to scan hard copy images directly into the workflow. With this integrated feature, pharmacies can scan and link images to prescriptions, patients, items, third parties, facilities, compounds, and even physicians. These documents are always accessible on any workstation. All images are readily available in a clear and concise manner and can easily be exported to any report.  

Mark Filosi, owner and PIC of Family Care Pharmacy in Plant City, FL, recounts, “There were a lot of documents we used to save as hard copy files in a filing cabinet. They weren’t readily accessible or retrievable, especially for inspectors during audits.” With PioneerRx’s pharmacy management system, document retrieval is more streamlined according to Mark. “To have the document attached to a patient, prescription, or even a doctor is extremely helpful,” he says.  
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