Curious about the patrons who bring your pharmacy the most business?

PioneerRx’s pharmacy software makes pinpointing those patients easier with VIP Rankings, a feature that identifies the customers with the highest grossing prescriptions and OTC purchases.

An icon will display by an individual’s name throughout workflow, labeling their VIP status.

Bronze customers are the top 10-20% of patients who contribute to the overall profit, Silver customers are the top 6-10%, and your Gold customers are the top 5%. PioneerRx also finds the customers who bring in a negative gross profit, so you can investigate and protect your store’s bottom line.

Dr. Michael Kim, owner and president of Grubb’s Pharmacy in Washington, DC, has found a unique purpose for the VIP Rankings in his pharmacy.

Grubb’s charges a small fee for certain services, such as same-day delivery and medication compliance packaging. With VIP Ranking, Dr. Kim and his staff can find their “golden” patients and eliminate service fees for them.

“We can identify those patients who are good for the business, and then we can forgive some of the fees on our services as an option for VIP customers,” he explains. “We can retain their business and make them feel appreciated for using our pharmacy. I think PioneerRx has some of the most cutting-edge technology that’s helping our pharmacy capitalize on a lot of opportunities that are available.”

PioneerRx takes customer service to the next level with features like VIP Rankings.

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