Rethink your will call organization with PioneerRx’s Will Call Bin Management features.

PioneerRx users can use Easy Bagging to save time at checkout by connecting all of a patient’s prescriptions. A quick scan of any one of the barcodes will automatically pull up any other prescriptions ready for that patient.

Also, Rx Notifications will alert the POS clerk of any other prescriptions belonging to patients of the same household that are ready for pickup, saving customers time and trips to the pharmacy.  

Erin Brandenburg, a pharmacist at Jefferson Pharmacy in Ranson, WV has dispensed medication through PioneerRx’s pharmacy software for over 6 years. She enjoys the speed and simplicity that the Will Call Bin Management features offer.

“If they have six prescriptions, we can fill all six, and when the customer comes, we can just scan one and not all six of them again,” she explains. “That’s one feature that saves us time.”

Pharmacists like Erin are simplifying their workflow with all of PioneerRx’s integrated features.

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