Tired of your workspace being covered in sticky note reminders? PioneerRx users can get organized with the built-in Tasks and To-Do List feature. These reminders are pinned to your home screen within the pharmacy software, assuring that your team will stay on-track with both pharmacy workflow and internal tasks.

Tasks are perfect for internal team reminders, and the To-Do List is an automated list of items that need attention within your pharmacy workflow. Completing workflow items is just a click away, with each item linked to the corresponding area in workflow.

Think of the Tasks and To-Do List feature as your new personal assistant – you’ll see all of your daily responsibilities in one convenient place.

Tasks and To-Do lists are fully customizable and extremely versatile. All reminders can be set so each user will only see what is relevant to their role in the pharmacy, preventing a clogged list of irrelevant messages.

“There are many different areas of the pharmacy’s business represented in the Tasks and To-Do List,” explains Will Tuft, Director of Education at PioneerRx. “It’s a great way to see everything that needs attention in one place, and also have quick access to the necessary work areas.”

So ditch the sticky notes and let your software keep you accountable with reminders directly within workflow.


Tasks are an internal tool to keep your team connected and on-track to meet your goals. Tasks are open-ended and customizable – you can write a task name and description, label its category, assign it to an individual person or group of people, specify when it needs to be done, and track the completion of the task.

You can remind an individual person, a group of people with the same role, or send a team-wide message. For repeating activities, users can even set recurring tasks instead of having to create a new task each time.

The Tasks feature is great for completion of housekeeping items that need to be done around the store and other internal activities that need to be completed.

To-Do List

The To-Do List is automated by the PioneerRx software and is based on alerts within your workflow.

With action items like fill requests and inventory alerts, you can keep track of what’s going on in your workflow all in one convenient place. Each To-Do item can be clicked to take you directly to the area in workflow that needs attention. The system also notifies you of easily overlooked issues or opportunities, such as reversed prescriptions.

This time-saving feature will not only get your team organized and productive, it will also keep you on top of opportunities to better your business and improve your pharmacy’s operations.

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