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It’s no secret that PioneerRx is the most advanced, innovative and intuitive pharmacy software on the market. Isn’t it time to see it in action?


This is a picture of Josh Rimany from Dilworth Drug who uses the Best Retail Pharmacy Software System PioneerRx
``It’s going beyond the prescription to see what we can be doing to give the patient a full expectation of their health goals and really getting to the root cause of their chronic conditions and looking at it from that perspective.``

— Josh Rimany

Dilworth Drug

PioneerRx Pharmacy Software can increase your financial success.

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Watch "Can you predict your future?"

Can you predict your future?

PioneerRx pharmacy software helps Independent Pharmacies create their own future.

President of PioneerRx Pharmacy Software, Jeff Key inspires PDS members to out-innovate their Goliath. Today’s answers will not work on tomorrow’s test. Investing in the right people and the right tools will help independent pharmacy have a future.

Featured Features

Featured Feature

Pharmacy Software Data Entry

Take data entry to the next level with PioneerRx’s pharmacy system. PioneerRx allows pharmacies to scan prescription hardcopies to store digital copies in the system, which can be annotated with important comments and notes. PioneerRx gives the pharmacy staff a glimpse at important information about this patients complete regimen including fill history, comments, and potential alerts and warnings. Inventory tools within Data Entry assist in finding the correct NDC in stock, and Rx Edits ensure potential claims issues are caught before adjudication.  

Christina Hanson, the pharmacy technician manager at Carmichael Drugs in Monroe, GA, has found simplicity and success in PioneerRx’s Data Entry since converting from her previous pharmacy software. “Data Entry in PioneerRx is super user-friendly. I like the hotkeys and the ability to use the keyboard without having to constantly reach for the mouse,” says Christina. “I think PioneerRx is a great software system. I love the fact that the software continues to grow and keeps gaining features we can use in our pharmacy daily.”  

Previous Featured Features

Featured Feature: MPR Values and GAP

MPR Values and GAP

Tired of crunching numbers to understand your patients’ adherence statistics? PioneerRx’s pharmacy software system can automatically calculate the Medication Possession Ratio (MPR) and GAP…

Featured Feature: Check Stock in Will Call

Check Stock in Will Call

Can your pharmacy technology come to your rescue when you don’t have enough stock on hand? PioneerRx can! If the balance on hand is too low to fill a prescription, PioneerRx users may quickly check…

Scheduled Renewal Request

PioneerRx’s pharmacy software helps independent pharmacies stay on top of adherence with all of its medication synchronization tools, especially when handling maintenance…

Are you opening a new pharmacy?

Here are some things to consider.

The Most Powerful, Customizable and Intuitive Retail Pharmacy Software

Turn Your Pharmacy Into a Tactical Pharmacy

Patient Health, Adherence & Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Tracking and coordinating your patient’s medications in your pharmacy system is even easier with built-in features on Adherence, Patient Risk, MTM and Med Sync.

Independent pharmacy leaders agree that the number one game changer in your pharmacy is to synchronize your patient’s medications. For the pharmacy, this provides a significant improvement in efficiency and inventory management. For the patient, medication synchronization can significantly improve adherence, convenience and overall customer satisfaction. Only top pharmacy systems have a medication synchronization program built into their workflow. Many others rely on third-party add-ons that reduce efficiency and increase cost.
Want to learn more? Schedule a demo today and see how medication synchronization can transform your pharmacy

Integrated health information technology is bringing the pharmacy industry the opportunity to make a difference in total cost of care. The Patient Risk Score allows pharmacies to prove their value to payers by providing additional intervention with patients that are most at risk of serious health consequences.

Pharmacists using PioneerRx pharmacy computer software can identify the risk of individual patients being hospitalized in the next 30 days and next 12 months. This is based upon the patient’s medications and adherence. This Risk Scores are prominent throughout PioneerRx’s comprehensive workflow. Medication Therapy Management (MTM) alerts are automatically generated for high risk patients and direct pharmacists to conduct interventions that may lead to improved patient outcomes.

The ability for a pharmacist to quickly analyze a patient’s adherence to all medications in their normal workflow is a feature included only in top pharmacy software. In PioneerRx, these numbers are shown and analyzed throughout the system and can be shown as medication therapy management (MTM) alerts. Advanced reporting capabilities allow this data to be easily searched, organized and exported in a variety of ways.

Unlike most other software packages and third-party add-ons, PioneerRx analyzes the data not only as a report card but in order to determine if action on the part of the pharmacy is warranted. These methods help account for patient hospitalizations and recent improvements in adherence which would affect overall numbers but would not require an intervention.

Improve patient outcomes and get paid for it by using OutcomesMTM and PioneerRx Pharmacy Software.  This system analyzes Medicare Part D patients and provides helpful TIPs (Targeted Intervention Programs) on patients who need intervention.  These TIPS are added right in your pharmacy management system.  Once the TIP is completed, your pharmacy records it with the OutcomesMTM web platform through direct links from the pharmacy software without having to log in to OutcomesMTM directly.

Deliver first-rate patient care with PioneerRx and Mirixa. Mirixa is a cost-effective Medication Therapy Management program that is available to all PioneerRx users and found directly inside the pharmacy software’s workflow. With Mirixa, users can evaluate the prescription history of each patient and isolate those non-compliant patients with recommended MTM actions. Once the action is performed with the patient, your pharmacy will record those steps with Mirixa directly inside the pharmacy software. Mirixa will also financially compensate you for promoting long-term health and quality patient care within your pharmacy. Only the best pharmacy management software has this feature integrated directly in their system.

Do you want to increase patient adherence and compliance? With the help of PioneerRx Pharmacy Software’s top-notch programs and features, you can potentially boost your pharmacy’s CMS Five Star Rating by increasing patient adherence. Only the best pharmacy software companies are tracking this directly in the pharmacy system.

Five-Star Program

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) aims to provide better care, healthier people and communities, and lower cost care.1  In alignment with this goal, CMS developed a one to five star rating system used to evaluate the performance of Medicare Advantage plans. A plan’s star rating is significant because it directly affects their compensation and marketing advantages.

Medicare Advantage plans are rated on performance areas, including outcome measures (improvement in health), intermediate outcome measures, patient experience, access measures (barriers to care), and process measures (how care is provided).1 

Part D plans are rated on performance measures for four domains: Drug Plan Customer Service, Member Complaints, Problems Getting Services, and Choosing to Leave the Plan, Member Experience with Drug Plan, and Drug Pricing and Patient Safety. The Drug Pricing and Patient Safety domain includes Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA)-supported medication adherence measures.2

CMS also uses Display Measures to further evaluate Part D plans. Although not included in the plans’ star ratings, these evaluations are reported to CMS and are displayed on the “Patient Safety” website.  PQA-supported measures of medication safety, including drug-drug interactions, excessive doses of oral diabetes medications, and completion rate of Comprehensive Medication Reviews, are measured and reported.This is where pharmacies come in!

Data is collected detailing pharmacies’ performance in areas such as vaccinations, health coaching, medication therapy management, health promotion, care coordination, and adherence counseling. Medicare Advantage plans are particularly focused on medication adherence for Part D patients receiving maintenance medications for diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol.

Pharmacies’ performance evaluations could potentially determine whether a Medicare Advantage plan includes a pharmacy in a preferred network. Plans may seek pharmacies who support their goals and who are willing to work to boost their performance numbers, such as those related to medication adherence.

For pharmacies, this may be a prime opportunity to collaborate with Medicare Advantage plans to improve star ratings and ensure patients are receiving appropriate care.

The landscape of healthcare is evolving; in the future, pharmacies will play a growing role in providing comprehensive healthcare to their patients. We recommend you learn more about the CMS star-rating system and how your pharmacy is being evaluated.

With the PioneerRx Workflow Calendar you can quickly review your pharmacy’s workload in one convenient, easy-to-use location. This interactive calendar displays all prescriptions that are due for refill on each day of the month and can help the pharmacy identify compliance opportunities. Prescriptions are itemized by Regular Fills, Retail Sync Fills, Facility Cycle Fills, and also a grand total of all prescriptions. Selecting the various fill types will provide users with a detailed break-down per patient and display the workflow status of his/her prescriptions. Users can also save time by processing a patient’s outstanding Cycle Fills directly from the Workflow Calendar. With the calendar’s useful Ready % column, your staff can easily see how many prescriptions for each patient are ready for pick-up or delivery.

It is one of the best resources when planning workflow, scheduling staff coverage, or just adding new sync patients to your month. Pharmacies should use the Workflow Calendar to their advantage to maintain steady workflow progress and to ensure that prescriptions will be filled in a timely manner, optimizing the potential for better health outcomes. The Workflow Calendar is just one of the many built-in, time-saving tools that the PioneerRx Pharmacy Software offers to its customers.

Many studies confirm that, on average, patients are five days late refilling their maintenance medications. That’s the equivalent of two missed refills per year. With Integrated Automatic Refill, your pharmacy can help improve your patients’ health and adherence scores.

Combine Automatic Refills and Patient Notifications for even better adherence practices. This is the pharmacy software that helps you make more money and have more fun.

Interested in providing your customers with enhanced services? With PioneerRx, recording patient lab values has never been easier! Only the best pharmacy system integrates lab value documentation directly into the patient profile.

PioneerRx’s intuitive system will even notify users when a patient’s lab results are overdue by highlighting the lab in red on the patient’s profile and can automatically create an MTM action for that patient. This ensures that patients never miss scheduled lab work and serves to further improve patient wellness.

With PioneerRx’s built-in patient notification option, you can send messages directly to your customer’s phone or email address when prescriptions are complete and ready for pickup, delivery, or shipment. More importantly, you can adjust the frequency of these messages for forgetful patients to remind them of their completed medications until they are picked up through the point of sale. IVR notifications are also available to pharmacies that have an account with an IVR company. Visit Marketplace to see which IVR companies are integrated with our pharmacy system.

Tactical Pharmacy

Rapid Data Entry and Enhanced Workflow

Who knew saving time could be so easy! With all the speed features PioneerRx can offer, you are sure to cut your time spent behind the computer.

In today’s digital age, quick and easy access to your pharmacies documentation is crucial. PioneerRx not only includes the ability to receive faxes digitally, but also makes importing other files and documents a seamless processIng efficiency while at the same time, reduces clutter. Conveniently located in the PioneerRx Incoming Document Queue, you can review, edit, and categorize your documents and assign them to appropriate categories.

Integrated health information technology is bringing the pharmacy industry the opportunity to make a difference in the total cost of care. The Patient Risk Score allows pharmacies to prove their value to payers by providing additional intervention with patients that are most at risk of serious health consequences.

Every independent pharmacy is unique, and your workflows are no exception. The best pharmacy systems incorporate features that allow you to customize your workflow to achieve optimal efficiency. The PioneerRx Intake Queue allows you to divide and conquer patients’ prescriptions while balancing workload. By scanning images in advance and assigning them to a patient’s profile, you can then complete data entry at an alternate workstation of your choosing.

With the PioneerRx Pre-Check Station, a pharmacist has the ability to review each new prescription for potential data entry errors prior to third-party adjudication. This optional step of workflow can save both time and money by eliminating re-adjudication due to error, as well as the need to reprint incorrect labels. For pharmacies offering strip packaging, this integrated feature gives a pharmacist the opportunity to review data entry before data is passed to their device.

Hard copy image scanning is no longer optional. Only the best pharmacy software includes this feature at no additional cost and incorporate it directly into your custom workflow. By using this integrated feature, you can scan and tie the prescription right in your pharmacy system. Link images to prescriptions, patients, items, third parties, facilities, compound and even physicians. These documents are always accessible on any workstation. While none of us look forward to an audit, PioneerRx provides you with peace of mind because all images are readily available in a clear and concise manner and can easily be exported to the report of your choosing.

As the pharmacy industry continues to rapidly evolve and change, so too must your pharmacy’s workflow. PioneerRx, the top pharmacy software system, can help keep you ahead of the competition by providing a truly customizable workflow solution that is built directly into your new pharmacy management system. Our custom-tailored, and fully integrated approach to workflow, allows your pharmacy to work smarter, faster, and safer. You’re independent for a reason. Let PioneerRx help you design a workflow that meets your pharmacy’s unique, and independent needs.

With PioneerRx Pharmacy Software, everything you need is a keystroke or mouse click away. When utilizing the integrated hard copy scanning feature, document management is quick and painless. Effortlessly link documents to prescriptions, patients, prescribers, items, suppliers, employees, third parties, facilities and so much more.

How fast can you add a patient into your new pharmacy management system? With PioneerRx, it’s the click of a button! 2D Barcode Technology makes populating a new patient profile or updating and replacing outdated patient information easier than ever before. Simply scan the barcode of your patients 2D enabled ID PioneerRx will automatically load many of the necessary fields.

PioneerRx allows you to seamlessly add or update prescribers from the National Provider Registry and DEA database all within your pharmacy software. By keeping it in inside your system, you keep the workflow moving for faster dispensing of the patient’s medication.

With our pharmacy software, PioneerRx, you will have advanced capabilities for importing and viewing eScripts. These tweaks inside the system will improve the workflow of your pharmacy by prepopulating fields with the eScript’s data with no need to open multiple windows.

PioneerRx was also one of the first out to the market with integrated EPCS requirements, so your pharmacy is eligible to receive controlled substances directly in your fill request queue.

PioneerRx was one of the first on the market to integrate CoverMyMeds directly into the pharmacy system workflow. CoverMyMeds is a free service that provides instant access to Prior Authorization (PA) forms for all Medicare Part D plans, Medicaid plans, and most commercial insurance plans. CoverMyMeds will process rejections due to Product/Service Not Covered, Prior Authorization Required, and Plan Limitations Exceeded. Within minutes, the correct prior authorization is found and can be completed online with data automatically pulled from our pharmacy software. This form is then faxed or sent electronically to the physician’s office for speedy completion.

Wow your customers by filling their prescriptions faster. What once took days to get PA forms back now takes hours with the use of CoverMyMeds.

Don’t worry about patients not having their insurance card when dropping off their prescriptions. With our Medicare and Insurance Lookup feature in PioneerRx, you can quickly and easily search for the patient’s third party information. All you need is their name, DOB, gender, social security number, and zip code to find them in our third party eligibility check program. How easy is that?

Will Call functionality is a crucial part of a pharmacy’s workflow. By scanning prescriptions into the PioneerRx Will Call system, you add efficiency and accuracy to the checkout process.

Prescription Easy Bagging

PioneerRx Pharmacy Software features an Easy Bagging solution. With Easy Bagging, simply scan each item on the bag, then scan into the appropriate will call bin. At the point of sale, the clerk can quickly scan any of the barcodes in the bag to bring up all the items.

Prescription Notification

To ensure that your customers leave with all their prescriptions, Rx Notifications are available at the PioneerRx POS. When a sale is totaled, the POS clerk can be alerted if the patient (or any patients at that same address) have additional prescriptions ready or in progress. You can stay on top of your patients’ prescriptions and save them a potential trip to the pharmacy.

Automatically bill the primary and secondary third parties at the same time, directly within your pharmacy software. With PioneerRx, once you submit a claim, the system immediately returns a response. No more stalling your workflow to wait on claims!

Prior Authorization has never been easier. PioneerRx works with CoverMyMeds to alleviate frustrations and streamline the PA process. Pharmacists are a click or keystroke away from sending data seamlessly from their PioneerRx system to CoverMyMeds where a third party-specific prior authorization form to can be sent to the directly to the prescriber.

Financial Intelligence

Making more money is always more fun. See how these PioneerRx features will take your pharmacy to the next level.

When combined with our industry leading Accounting Support, PioneerRx helps you manage your pharmacy’s A/R or Charge accounts with ease. Accounts are integrated into the patient’s profile and work just like a credit card. From setting up customer auto pay to managing spending limits, authorized users, categories, sub accounts and so much more, PioneerRx Pharmacy Software provides your pharmacy’s A/R solution at no additional cost.

Are you being paid correctly by third parties? PioneerRx lets you keep all of your financials in one convenient location. The Reconciliation of Third Party claims via 835 files makes it easier than ever to manage your pharmacy’s books.

Reconciliation Service Plan

All available 835 remit files are automatically downloaded and reconciled overnight when payments match the details on the file. PioneerRx personnel handles files that cannot be processed completely because of claim fees, wrong check number, or wrong reconciliation account. Those payments covered by other manual remittances are handled and reconciled manually by the store. As always, the store is responsible for posting all payments in PioneerRx.

Contact our accounting department at 1-800-850-5111 to learn more!

Prescription DIR fees have quickly become a heated point of contention within the pharmacy industry. Rest assured, PioneerRx’s pharmacy technology has the tools to protect your independent pharmacy from this growing problem. With this pharmacy management system, you can quickly and easily identify losses on a prescription due to a Third Party’s DIR fees!
PioneerRx makes it simple to load the DIR percentage or dollar amount directly into each Third Party’s profile. That DIR fee will then be applied to every prescription where that Third Party is selected as the pay method.

PioneerRx Pharmacy Software readily displays the value of the DIR fee in the Gross Profit section of the prescription’s pricing information and alerts the user when the prescription dips into a negative Gross Profit due to the applied DIR fee. This helps pharmacies identify where the loss is coming from, so they can determine how to best proceed with the prescription.

From the start, PioneerRx Pharmacy Software changed the game when we became the first pharmacy software system to provide integrated Pre/Post Edit functionality. These Edits are designed to save your pharmacy money and prevent mistakes from walking out the door. Since both of these are important to your success, PioneerRx has included these feature at no extra charge. While other software vendors sometimes offer this service with claim switching, you may be charged as much as seven cents per fill, which quickly adds up.

PioneerRx’s Pre/Post Edit solution allows to you fill with speed, efficiency and the peace of mind of knowing that costly errors can be addressed and prevented before it’s too late.

Pre-Edit is an evaluation of the prescription data before it is sent in order to determine items that need to be corrected. Post Edit is an evaluation of the claim data after it is adjudicated. You decide whether to reject, review, or ignore each type of Rx Edit issue.

Here are some examples of how you can use Pre/Post Edits in your Pharmacy.

Base Limited (Post Edit)
Pharmacy contracts are typically based upon AWP – X% + Fee  or MAC + Fee. The non-fee version (underlined) is called the Basis. If a pharmacy transmits a claim with a basis less than their contract, the third party will typically pay the reduced amount. If this occurs, a Basis Limited post edit will be triggered.

With PioneerRx you can make more money by finding and correcting pricing mistakes that cause Basis Limited claims.

Cash Limited (Post Edit)
Pharmacy contracts typically limit reimbursement to the minimum of the contracted amount or the pharmacy’s Usual & Customary (Cash) price. The Cash price is transmitted with the claim. If this limits the third party payment, a Cash Limited post edit will be triggered.

Use this handy post edit to find and correct pricing mistakes that cause Cash Limited claims.

DAW Code (Pre/Post Edit)
If a generic is available and a brand is dispensed without a reason provided, many pharmacy contracts will reduce reimbursement to the contract amount for the generic. Dispensing a brand when a generic is available will trigger a DAW Code pre/post edit, if a DAW code isn’t selected.

One Texas pharmacy converted to PioneerRx and found that they had been being cut back $800 per fill on a drug in their previous system due to this issue. PioneerRx found the problem, and they were able to fix the prescription.

Package Size (Pre/Post Edit)
If an item that should not normally be broken down (Vial, Tube, etc) is filled with an incompatible dispensed size, Package Size pre/post edits are triggered. Filling with the wrong size can cause a significant loss of profit and possibly trigger an audit.

The average pharmacy makes an additional $100-$400 a month when these errors are corrected.

Third Party Remitted a Negative Amount (Post Edit)
Some third party plans are simply discount plans with 100% copay. Many charge the pharmacy for the privilege of accepting this plan. The third party sends the pharmacy a bill for these amounts. If a prescription returns a negative remitted amount where the pharmacy would owe a third party for filling a script, a Third Party Negative Remitted Amount post edit is triggered. Then, simply switch the prescription to cash or another discount plan that does not include a negative remitted amount.

Avoid paying unnecessary third party fees.

Obsolete NDC (Pre/Post Edit)
If an item is dispensed with an expired NDC, a pre/post edit is triggered. Inadvertently using a wrong or expired NDC could reduce your reimbursement and possibly trigger an audit.

By using this Rx edit, you could be preventing obsolete NDCs from ever being submitted.

Dispensing Item Out of Stock (Pre/Post Edit)

Keeping a perpetual inventory is a challenge with some pharmacy software due to the dispensed item changing on refills. PioneerRx makes it easy with Dispensed Item Out of Stock pre/post edits.

Low Profit (Post Edit)

If the gross profit on a prescription is less than the minimum percent or dollar value set by the pharmacy, a Low Profit post edit will be triggered. In addition, Smart Profit Reject allows the pharmacy to include consideration of rebates and the last cost paid for the item before prompting a Low Profit post edit.

Patient ID Missing (Pre/Post Edit)

If patient identification, such as a driver’s license or social security number, is required due to the schedule of the dispensed item and it has not been entered, Patient ID Missing pre/post edits are triggered.

Patient Information Missing (Pre/Post Edit)

If the patient’s allergy, other medications, and/or medical conditions are missing or out of date and a prescription is filled, Patient Information Missing pre/post edits are triggered.

Missing or Invalid DEA (Pre/Post Edit)

If a prescriber with a missing or invalid DEA is attached to a prescription, and the DEA number is required due to the dispensed item, Missing or Invalid DEA pre/post edits are triggered.

High Copay (Post Edit)

The pharmacy can define a high copay amount in location options. If a copay is higher than the amount defined, the pharmacy may choose to verify that the patient wants the item before it is filled. If a claim is adjudicated with a copay that exceeds this amount, a High Copay post edit is triggered.

Higher Secondary Copay (Post Edit)

If the secondary third party returns with a higher copay amount than the primary, a Higher Secondary Copay post edit is triggered. Misconfigured coupons or third party settings typically cause this error.

Missing or Invalid DPS (Pre/Post Edit) Texas

If a prescriber with a missing or invalid DPS is attached to a prescription, and the DPS number is required due to the dispensed item, Missing or Invalid DPS pre/post edits are triggered.

If only correcting a patient’s birthday when a third party had it wrong was as simple as a few clicks of the mouse. With top pharmacy software systems like PioneerRx, that wish is a reality. Claim Overrides allow you to submit the data they require without overwriting and compromising accurate information within a patient’s profile.

Have you ever been curious as to how other pharmacies are cash pricing?
PioneerRx has the solution. Included within your new Pharmacy Software System is the ability to review a statistical data analysis of cash and third-party pricing from other pharmacies across the country. With this tool at your disposal, you can confidently and competitively price all your cash prescriptions. No blind pricing. No costly add-on services.

Third parties base a pharmacy’s contracts upon some form of manufacturer’s price. When a manufacturer increases their price, many third parties experience a delay in obtaining and entering the new information into their systems.

When this situation occurs, the pharmacy may not receive the correct amount of payment. In order to receive this amount, the claim must be re-billed to the third party within the “window” for claims resubmission. Because some claims may not be reversed, oftentimes pharmacies experience losses when attempting to resubmit the claim.

AWP Rebilling works to address this problem by absorbing the risk of the reversed transaction. Over 80% of the claims that are re-billed under this system result in increased reimbursement to the pharmacy.

With PioneerRx’s guaranteed program, there is no risk – it’s your money!

PioneerRx Pharmacy Software handles rebilling with no pharmacy involvement required.

Advanced Inventory

Inventory shouldn’t be hard, and with these integrated features, pharmacies find it easier than ever to manage.

Optimize ordering efficiency by using PioneerRx’s usage-based ordering feature. Quickly and easily create orders for both RX and OTC items based on daily usage.

Are you being paid correctly by third parties? PioneerRx lets you keep all of your financials in one convenient location. The Reconciliation of Third Party claims via 835 files makes it easier than ever to manage your pharmacy’s books.

Reconciliation Service Plan

All available 835 remit files are automatically downloaded and reconciled overnight when payments match the details on the file. PioneerRx personnel handles files that cannot be processed completely because of claim fees, wrong check number, or wrong reconciliation account. Those payments covered by other manual remittances are handled and reconciled manually by the store. As always, the store is responsible for posting all payments in PioneerRx.

Contact our accounting department at 1-800-850-5111 to learn more!

With the PioneerRx Pharmacy Software and wholesaler EDI, PioneerRx allows you to easily manage multiple wholesalers and catalogs within your pharmacy software. This capability helps your pharmacy intuitively order based on accurate price and order history.

Only a top Pharmacy Software System like PioneerRx provides integrated functionality that makes automatically setting up your inventory reorder points a breeze.  This feature can also be utilized to help your pharmacy easily support and manage multiple inventory groups such as 340B, LTC, and others if applicable.  With PioneerRx, generating an order based on predefined reorder points can be done with the simple click of a button.

PioneerRx features an intuitive recommended ordering system that will notify your pharmacy to reorder an item once it’s inventory level is below your desired balance on hand. With the capability to recommend an order based on either user defined or system generated min/max quantities, PioneerRx can help ensure your pharmacy always has the correct items on hand.

Much like generating a Recommended Order, PioneerRx can flag and notify you of which items are not being used. This makes returning unused items to the manufacturer for credit a simple and efficient process. Incorrect and unused inventory items can affect your bottom line and only the best pharmacy software systems can help you better manage these items.

Pharmacies can manage multiple inventory groups such as retail, Rx, 340B, and PAP (patient assistance program), all within one pharmacy software.

Users can create a list of all current retail items sold in the store and print coordinating shelf labels. Never spend hours labeling individual items again! PioneerRx Pharmacy Software saves you time and money.


Don’t let this part of the transition scare you, we do it every week!

At PioneerRx, our installation coordinators will be your first point of contact after the sales process. Conversion is usually stressful, but your installation coordinator will help prepare your pharmacy and staff before your new pharmacy software ever goes live.

Before your data is converted, you’ll have an opportunity to approve your data’s new format within the PioneerRx software. InfoWerks is our official conversion vendor.

Conversion can be a word that strikes fear in the heart of many pharmacy owners. Rest assured that with PioneerRx, we take your migration seriously. As a new member of the PioneerRx family you’ll have access to your converted data prior to your scheduled installation. You now have the ability to review and verify your data to ensure the smoothest possible transition.


Through PioneerRx’s customizable reporting features, you are in control of your data and the way you want to see it.

PioneerRx Pharmacy Software is all about personalization. Reports are arranged according to your unique preferences. Only the best pharmacy software solutions include this kind of customization directly in their software. Customization includes:

  • Custom Layouts – Adjust column width; order, group or filter data; and create and save unique layout for future searches.
  • Fixed Rows and Columns – Pin specific rows and/or columns for ease of use when scrolling through data.
  • Sorting – Sort individual columns or try multiple column sorting.
  • Grouping – Organize information in rows with similar values, just like Microsoft Outlook™.
  • Filtering – Analyze important data through built-in and custom filter expressions, including regular expressions (regex) and an Excel-style filter dropdown.
  • Exporting – Easily export search results to Excel or PDF files.

As a Top Pharmacy Software company, PioneerRx can report prescription data to pharmaceutical manufacturers. This not only supports local drug representatives, but assists with specialty drug and prescriber programs too. PioneerRx currently reports to both major aggregators: Symphony Health and IMS.

Only PioneerRx offers a fully-integrated and easy-to-use Report Design tool right in the pharmacy software. No more “label change fees” or waiting for a programmer to make basic adjustments. With PioneerRx, you have the ability to easily design, edit, and manipulate existing system reports or even create your own from scratch. From label changes and financial reports to customized marketing materials, PioneerRx changes the game when it comes to User-Customizable Reporting.

Know your numbers! PioneerRx users have access to a wide array of customizable reporting and search tools. In addition to internal reports, adjustable grid columns provide clear and concise search results that can be easily exported from your pharmacy information system to both PDF or Excel formats.g.

Point of Sale

A truly integrated POS allows you the ease and convenience of accessing your pharmacy software when you need to most.

Integrations and 3rd party add-ons can be cumbersome, costly, and often frustrating. That’s why the PioneerRx pharmacy software features a fully integrated, touch screen POS that isn’t an add-on module and wasn’t an afterthought. Maximize and track your profits and improve the customer service experience with direct access to pricing and patient prescription information. It’s time to ditch the cash registers and let the PioneerRx Point of Sale help you maximize profits and improve customer service.

In order to maximize profits, retail items should be sold at a price that is in proportion to their cost and the current market.  If your cost goes up, the price needs to go up.  Your cost to sell the item is the cost to put a replacement on the shelf (replacement cost).  This is very difficult to do if you are pricing with stickers on each individual item.  Your Pharmacy Management System should seamlessly support shelf sticker pricing with barcode product recognition.  This allows you to price the shelf instead of the item.  The POS recognizes the item from the barcode and prices it correctly.  When costs rise or you decide to change the margin, the system supports easily telling you which shelf stickers need to be reprinted.

Through Shelf Stickers you will be easily able to update and manage retail pricing in your pharmacy by using the best pharmacy software in the market today.

With real-time prescription lookup, our pharmacy management system knows which prescriptions a customer has ready for pickup and what is still processing in the queue. Even better, the system can also tell you any other prescriptions that are ready for customers living at that same address. This feature alone will keep your customers from leaving anything behind and making multiple unnecessary trips back to the pharmacy.

PioneerRx Pharmacy Software gives pharmacies the capability to track patients’ purchase history for pseudoephedrine-based (PSE) drugs. Our pharmacy software also integrates to report directly to jurisdictions in jurisdictions where direct reporting is available.

With PioneerRx’s point of sale, your pharmacy can easily handle flex transactions through an integrated, SIGIS-certified credit card processor.

Do you want to sell store gift cards to your customers? With PioneerRx as your point of sale, you can sell, recharge and utilize store-based gift cards directly in the pharmacy software.
In-store gift cards are a great way to promote the sale of retail and OTC items in your pharmacy. Offering gift cards not only appeals to your existing customers, but it also markets your pharmacy to new and potential customers and patients. Using the PioneerRx Integrated Point of Sale, you will quickly and easily be able to sell, recharge and redeem gift cards in a wide variety of formats.

PioneerRx Pharmacy Software fully supports Apple Pay and NFC (Near Field Communication) cards directly within the pharmacy software. This is a new category of service designed to supply consumers with safe, secure, and easy mobile payments. With this feature alone, we are giving independent pharmacies an edge on security that many of their competitors cannot.

Only the best pharmacy software will do when caring about your customers. With PioneerRx’s integrated Point of Sale, you can offer your customer’s loyalty points all trackable within the pharmacy software. Easily assign your customers a loyalty id, such as a phone number, or integrate with your own loyalty shopper cards for easy retrieval of customer accounts.

All customers are important to the success of your business, but wouldn’t you like to know who your “VIP” Patients are? PioneerRx can help. Each night, PioneerRx calculates and identifies those patients who have the highest grossing prescriptions in your pharmacy. Patients are given a status of Gold, Silver, or Bronze, and these rankings are visible from both the PioneerRx Alerts Screen and the Point of Sale. Whether you smile a little brighter or offer free bottles of water, remember: Gold VIP customers comprise the top 5% of prescriptions that contribute to your overall business.

Store credit cards on file for autopay with both ease and peace of mind.

At PioneerRx, we take your pharmacy’s security seriously, which is why we implemented and support credit card encryption and tokenization. Sensitive data is encrypted within the pharmacy software when swiped, and a token is used to replace sensitive material. These tokens hold no outside value and cannot be used elsewhere.

Safe storage and transmission of sensitive credit card data is critical to any successful pharmacy. PioneerRx provides your business with state-of-the-art tools that provide both simplicity and security. That’s why PioneerRx Pharmacy Software System utilizes end-to-end encryption. This process securely encrypts credit card data at the time of swipe and makes card data unreadable and unusable to hackers.


With features like our delivery management module and robot automation, PioneerRx will enhance your pharmacy’s workflow.

Managing your pharmacies time clock has never been easier.  As a top pharmacy software, PioneerRx knows the importance of accurately tracking and managing your employees time and payroll.  Located conveniently within your new PioneerRx software, you and your staff can easily access the time clock feature from any pharmacy workstation running PioneerRx. This easy-to-use and integrated functionality provides you and your staff with the ability to efficiently and accurately clock in/out using either a fingerprint (Biometrics) or PIN/Passcode.

To some customers, delivery is a necessity. To others, it’s an added convenience. PioneerRx Pharmacy Software allows for easy processing of prescriptions for delivery all from the point of sale. This includes reconciling the drawer with delivery transactions and printable nightly delivery reports.

As a top pharmacy software system, we at PioneerRx understand the need to interface with third-party applications. PioneerRx interfaces with the industry’s best robotic and automation systems on the market today. Want to learn more? Visit the PioneerRx Marketplace to learn more about the different products available.

PioneerRx provides your pharmacy with the ability to add and print customizable patient instructions (sigs codes) in multiple languages. Sig code calculations expedite the data entry process by auto-populating your day’s supply.

Security & Support

Our dedicated support team of pharmacy techs are here to ensure your pharmacy is supported throughout the day. Let us focus on the backend.

Ever wonder if your data could be lost if a disaster happened in your pharmacy? With PioneerRx, you are protected. Your data is backed up not only to the server onsite, but also to a mini Cloud within your system. Behind the scenes, your data backs itself up every 15 minutes onsite to your pharmacy’s server and offsite to the Cloud at PioneerRx’s headquarters. In the event of a serious hardware failure or disaster, you can run your pharmacy from the data in your Cloud across an Internet connection. PioneerRx is the pharmacy software that makes sure you are up and running when everything else is down.

PioneerRx pharmacy software is a true Windows-based software, unlike other pharmacy software systems that have attached a Windows interface to a 20-year-old code. This is how PioneerRx maintains itself as the best pharmacy software on the market today.

Our pharmacy software is designed with the latest technology, which promotes flexibility and innovation. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have direct access to cutting-edge solutions.

PioneerRx is built with the Microsoft .Net framework and Microsoft SQL Server.

A few key features to PioneerRx include:

Ribbon Bar
The Microsoft Office Ribbon Bar allows for customization and easy navigation of your pharmacy software. The Ribbon Bar is designed to help you quickly find various commands. Commands are organized into logical groups, which are collected together under tabs.

ToDo List
Many pharmacy software platforms require you to run various reports or searches in order to determine problems. With PioneerRx, the system monitors your business and alerts you when an action requires attention. Clicking on a ToDo item takes you to the applicable section of the program and when the ToDo item is corrected, the alert goes away.

Task List
PioneerRx includes a Task List to replace the many sticky notes around the pharmacy. Tasks can be created for patients, prescribers, drugs, suppliers, and prescriptions, as well as other places in the system.

Real time alerts pop up in the queue to allow you easy access to monitor your claims and fax activity as its happening.

PioneerRx provides users with a real time alerts queue that highlights important notifications on your home screen sidebar. Think of these alerts as a mini stock ticker but instead of stocks we display claim adjudication status, fax activity and pre/post edit notifications. No more separate menus or screens to navigate through, the PioneerRx alerts queue is easily visible from all areas of your Pharmacy Software System.

Are you meeting legal pharmacy requirements? PioneerRx Pharmacy Software gives the comfort and control to the pharmacies with user specific Biometric-ready logins and manageable permissions.

With PioneerRx’s automatic updates, you never worry about updating your pharmacy software on your own again. PioneerRx’s updates happen automatically and include your software, NPI, DEA, and Drug Database updates. Also in the event that a rollback is ever needed, you can quickly and easily do so at the pharmacy.

At PioneerRx, our primary goal is to help your pharmacy be financially successful by using our software.  To reach your pharmacy’s top potential, you need full access to the proper resources. PioneerRx provides ongoing assistance, beginning with thorough training at point of installation and extending to personalized software support for the duration of usage.  At PioneerRx, we value your time and understand the importance of urgency and efficiency within the pharmacy; therefore, we strive to deliver speedy response times for all types of questions, requests, and concerns.  Our knowledgeable team of support personnel includes:

Account Management

Upon going live with PioneerRx software, each pharmacy is assigned to an Account Manager who will provide one-on-one troubleshooting and assistance.  With an average of over 10 years of pharmacy experience as licensed pharmacy technicians, our Account Managers can relate to the oftentimes hectic and stressful atmosphere of the pharmacy and can appreciate the need for prompt call-backs.

Over time, your Account Manager will become familiar with your daily schedule and your pharmacy’s business. He/she will note which areas of the software you struggle with most and make recommendations accordingly.  Account Managers provide your pharmacy with the most effective troubleshooting and guidance through software issues.  All Account Managers attend regular meetings to keep them informed of any software updates.  Armed with a strong pharmacy background and comprehensive knowledge of the PioneerRx software, your Account Manager will become an invaluable resource for your pharmacy and is accessible at the click of a button.

Hardware Support

Our expert Hardware Support team aims to resolve any and all of your PioneerRx hardware-related issues.  Once a pharmacy submits a hardware-related call request to PioneerRx, it is directly assigned to one of our highly-qualified technical support representatives, who will diagnose and rectify the issue for your pharmacy.  With solid backgrounds in information systems and PC repair, our skilled Hardware Support members can readily troubleshoot issues and guide you through a solution to the problem.

Accounting Support

Accounting Support Services is comprised of our specialized staff that specifically handles PioneerRx accounting questions and calls.  The qualified team assists pharmacies with everything from financial research and reporting, pricing, customer A/R accounts, point of sale, inventory, Third Party reconciliation, taxes, credit card reconciliation, and so much more.  Backed with an Accounting degree or a CPA, our experienced Accounting  Support Team is capable of answering any questions or concerns which focus on your pharmacy’s bottom line.

Mobile Apps

Ever thought, “There must be an app for that?” Check out how PioneerRx is able to make your life easier with our pharmacy software integrated apps.

If you want to be the best, you need the best products on the marketplace today. With PioneerRx and RxLocal, your pharmacy is always on your patient’s mind. RxLocal is a unique product that gives PioneerRx users the ability to create a website and apple/android applications, all branded to their pharmacy. Website and apps include features like customer refill requests, user-editable content and push notifications, all while connecting it back to your pharmacy software.

The PioneerRx Mobile Inventory Application provides your pharmacy with the technological advantage of wirelessly managing your on-hand inventory. Gone are the tiring days of tracking inventory with pen and paper. Features include will call/inventory bin management, on-hand inventory counts, manually receiving of purchase orders and pill images. You can use this new mobile app on any  Apple iOS device. Top pharmacy software creating top pharmacy solutions.

To be the best pharmacy, you need to run the best pharmacy software. PioneerRx Pharmacy Software offers a convenient, easy-to-use app that allows your customers to sign for their prescriptions on an iPad right at the drive-thru window. Signatures are stored electronically within your pharmacy software for easy retrieval in the event of an audit. Also, you can easily show customers when prescriptions have been picked up by an authorized party. Let your pharmacy stand out with innovative technology geared towards better patient interaction.

With the PioneerRx iOS Counseling Application, PioneerRx delivers yet another innovative tool that helps take your pharmacy technology game to the next level. When used in combination with your PioneerRx dispensing system, our first-to-market approach to patient counseling streamlines the documentation process and puts the important data you need at your fingertips. A patient’s medication history, drug usage information and even their adherence data is pulled from the PioneerRx database and displayed in one convenient, easy-to-maneuver iOS App.

PioneerRx is the clear choice as the best pharmacy software system for your pharmacy. Our proven commitment to innovation does not, however, stop at the doors of your pharmacy. For independent pharmacies looking for that extra edge with a little bit of flash, the PioneerRx Mobile Delivery App for iOS delivers, literally. From gas efficient mapping and route planning, to capturing credit card payments, patient IDs, or signatures on the go, the PioneerRx Mobile Delivery App for iOS makes completing mobile transactions easier than ever.

The PioneerRx Waiting Board Application is yet another innovative technology designed to help your pharmacy operate at optimal efficiency. Whether placed in your pharmacy’s waiting area or another location you choose, the PioneerRx Waiting Board serves as a digital notification center that displays customized content to keep your patients “in the know.” One of the most practical features of this device caters to your “waiters.” While traditionally confined to an area near or around the pharmacy’s counter, customers waiting for their prescriptions can now browse and shop the aisles without the need to check in with pharmacy staff. Along with up-to-date weather, news, and advertisements you choose, the PioneerRx Waiting Board can display a PHI compliant list of prescriptions that are complete and ready for pickup.


We know how tricky facilities can be. Let PioneerRx show you how to customize your facilities the way they want to be.

In PioneerRx you can easily and accurately generate Medication Administration Records (MARS)/Physician Orders for each facility. As a leading pharmacy software, PioneerRx already supports a large number of different MAR chart types, all of which are accessible within your new pharmacy management system. MAR templates can be customized to fit the individual needs of the pharmacy and/or facility.

One of the most important functions when working with Long Term Care customers is the ability to Cycle Fill medications. While it may not be possible to eliminate the one-off emergency fill deliveries, PioneerRx’s streamlined Facility Cycle Fill functionality does help you control how many times you visit a facility each month. It allows you to group and organize Rx items and even set future adjudication dates. Only top pharmacy software platforms have integrated LTC functionality, and only PioneerRx brings you all those features in one easy to use affordable package.

In other pharmacy software management systems, facility billing can be a cumbersome and complicated task. Whether your pharmacy wants to service the LTC market for the first time, or you have a seasoned location needing tools to improve your overall efficiency, PioneerRx provides integrated tools that will raise your pharmacy to the next level in patient care. Facility Billing Methods in PioneerRx allow your pharmacy to control the ways patients and facilities are billed. These Methods can easily be applied to individual patients in a facility or set as a default billing method for a whole wing and all its patients.

Over the last few years we have seen a steady rise in the number of pharmacies interested in Electronic Medical Administration Records or eMARS. As the industry’s top pharmacy software system, PioneerRx knows that changes in the long-term care environment can quickly shift your pharmacy’s needs, and potentially affect your bottom line. To help ensure your pharmacy always has the right tools readily available, PioneerRx includes Facility and LTC functionality directly within your Pharmacy Management Software. For more information on eMAR partners, please visit the PioneerRx Marketplace.


No need for third-party software. With PioneerRx you can compound fully within your pharmacy software!

Ensuring compound accuracy is critical to all compounding pharmacies. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through an integration with compound specific scales. PioneerRx’s ability to integrate with these scales and clearly display values within your PioneerRx Pharmacy Software is a feature that guarantees the accuracy you require, while making the overall compounding process safer and more efficient.

While other pharmacy software systems often require add-on modules or costly third party integrations to perform compounding, PioneerRx offers a simple, integrated approach to providing our Compound or “Combo Shop” pharmacies with true compounding functionality. The capability to create compound batches is included in every PioneerRx system. This lets you manage batch quantities with ease, and organize by batch/lot numbers ensuring that the medications your customers need are always readily available.

Third Party compound billing can be a tedious and complex process. A primary focus for PioneerRx is to help create and nurture successful pharmacies. To be successful, your financials need to be accurate. Are you being paid correctly on claims each and every time? PioneerRx makes the answer to this question “Yes.” Only the top pharmacy software systems truly help you protect and improve your bottom line by assisting you with the creation of custom pricing schedules for your compound items. Correct compound pricing based on ingredient AWPs ensures optimal third party reimbursement.

Central Office

Don’t worry about trying to be at two places at once. Access your data no matter what store you are at with PioneerRx Central Office.

One of the major frustrations faced by Multi-Location owners is reporting across locations. Centralized Reporting, part of the PioneerRx Central Office environment, provides PioneerRx users with the ability to quickly view, aggregate, customize, and print reports for all locations, or select locations from a central site. This invaluable feature is found only in top pharmacy software, and with PioneerRx Central Reporting generating the reports your business needs has never been easier.

As the leader in Independent Pharmacy Software, PioneerRx has an established reputation for boosting our customers’ success through continuous delivery of first-to-market features, along with cutting-edge improvements in areas where other Pharmacy Software vendors fall short. One of the most sought after features Multi-Location users ask about is the ability to share a patient’s profile across all pharmacy locations. With the PioneerRx Central Office environment, the ability to do this has never been easier or more reliable. Our Central Patients feature not only allows you to share profiles between all stores but also provides administrators with the tools they need to manage these profiles centrally. This ensures uniformity and accuracy between your pharmacies and helps you provide the same exceptional levels of care your customers have come to expect no matter which of your stores they visit.

One of the most commonly asked questions from Multi-Location owners is how to share and fill a patient’s prescriptions between all locations. As the Top Pharmacy Software System, PioneerRx delivers unbeatable functionality when it comes to Easy Transferring of a patient’s prescriptions. With PioneerRx Central Office, you can manage and serve your patients quickly and accurately with the click of a button (or mouse). The PioneerRx Central Office Easy Transfer feature lets you refill a patient’s prescriptions seamlessly, even if that prescription was previously filled at one of your other locations.
Provide your patients with the outstanding service Independent Pharmacies are known for by incorporating functionality that is generally only offered by the ‘big box’ pharmacies.

Whether you have one location or a dozen, maintaining an accurate drug file may seem like a difficult task. With the PioneerRx Central Office environment, you can manage items centrally. Sharing a drug file(s) across multiple locations ensures accurate and reliable reporting and creates consistency between locations.

As a top pharmacy software system, PioneerRx already provides its pharmacies with a streamlined and integrated process for loading and managing prescribers. PioneerRx Central Office takes this feature a step further by offering Central Prescribers. Multi-location users now have the ability to manage prescriber data centrally, thus eliminating duplicate or incorrect data. Maintaining a single, clean prescriber database ensures speed and accuracy in your dispensing process, and has never been easier than with the PioneerRx Central Prescribers tool.

Central Pricing, a powerful and robust feature included only within PioneerRx’s Central Office environment, empowers today’s multi-location pharmacies with the tools and flexibility that allow them to control, edit, and review Price Schedules across all locations. Whether you want to create consistent  Price Schedules across all of your stores, or need the ability to generate customizable, location specific Price Schedules (Zone Pricing), PioneerRx and PioneerRx Central Office can transform a daunting task into a streamlined and easy to manage process.

As a leading pharmacy software system, PioneerRx understands the inherent struggles that multi-location owners often encounter when it comes to Accounts Receivable.  The PioneerRx Central Accounts Receivable environment ( or Store/House Charge Accounts) allows Owners and Administrators to easily manage AR from a central location.  For more information on the PioneerRx Central Office suite of features, call or click to schedule your personalized, online demonstration.