PioneerRx’s pharmacy software helps independent pharmacies stay on top of adherence with all of its medication synchronization tools, especially when handling maintenance medication renewals.

The Renew Pending Queue displays the status of prescriptions pending renewal to help users keep track of requests, but this queue also alerts users to upcoming cycle prescriptions that don’t have a sufficient quantity remaining to satisfy the next fill.

This helps the pharmacy prepare upcoming refills before the next sync cycle.

PioneerRx can also prompt for renewal on the last fill of all maintenance medications.

If you are processing the last fill, a prescriber may reject a renewal request because the pharmacy has sent it too soon. PioneerRx settings can automatically schedule these renewal requests to send at a customized time frame (e.g., 3 days before fill date) so the pharmacy team can be proactive with refill requests without sending early requests.      

Clint Melton, Pharmacist in Charge, has used PioneerRx’s pharmacy technology at R&M Family Pharmacy since its doors opened in 2012.

“We love PioneerRx, and it’s been great for us!” says Clint. “We set our system to do a renewal request on the last refill, which gives the prescriber’s office notice. It can allow them time to call in a change to the prescription, if they need to.

PioneerRx’s Scheduled Renewal Requests helps pharmacies meet patient and prescriber expectations.

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