Work Around Short Inventory While Addressing Other Issues

Can your pharmacy technology come to your rescue when you don’t have enough stock on hand? PioneerRx can! If the balance on hand is too low to fill a prescription, PioneerRx users may quickly check Will Call for other prescriptions that contain the same or equivalent medication and have been sitting in Will Call for too long. By checking the stock in Will Call, pharmacies can take care of three issues simultaneously: fill prescriptions for waiting customers, maintain Will Call, and address potential problems in patients who are taking too long to pick up their medications.  

According to Jennifer Beach, pharmacist at Sumrall Drug in Sumrall, MS, she and her team use PioneerRx’s pharmacy software to check will call for available stock every day.

“We usually use it if we’re running low on a prescription for a waiting patient,” she explains. “If one of our sync patient’s prescriptions won’t be picked up for a few days, then we’ll check stock in will call, pull that prescription to fill the waiter’s so they don’t have to leave without their medication that day. This gives us time to order more medication the next day.”  
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