Although the Pre-Check Station is an optional step in the PioneerRx dispensing system, it proves to be a vital one in the pharmacy workflow.

During Pre-Check, the pharmacist may review the prescription for potential errors before moving on to adjudication. This saves the pharmacy time and money by avoiding mistakes and the need for reprints.

Mohamed El Sheikh, owner and pharmacist-in-charge at Life Change Pharmacy in Milwaukee, WI, relies on the Pre-Check Station feature of PioneerRx’s pharmacy software.

“The best part is that it prevents errors,” says Mohamed. “This is your opportunity to correct any mistakes before billing, adjudication, and printing the label to make sure everything is right.”

Within the software, you have the flexibility to adjust settings so that the Pre-Check station appears in the correct step of your workflow.

It will feature color-coded reminders and warnings that quickly notify you of any pertinent information, as well as a DIR fee indicator that gives you an idea of what costs to expect ahead of time. For further verification, images of the dispensed medication can be attached manually or automatically uploaded if you integrate with Parata.

Ryan Stratmann, owner of Red Haus Pharmacy in Ellinwood, KS, says that this feature was one of the two major factors that made him decide to get PioneerRx.

“Number one was having that pre-check and being able to basically tailor it to the structure that I wanted my store to run at,” Stratmann explains. He goes on to mention the value of having safe guards like this in place to protect your pharmacy and your patients.

More pharmacies are enhancing their workflow with all the capabilities the PioneerRx software offers.

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