PioneerRx empowers users with the knowledge to operate their pharmacy technology with ease.

Before converting to PioneerRx, pharmacies are given access to PioneerRx University, an online learning platform filled with tailored learning tracks for pharmacists, technicians, and clerks.

This way, your whole team can get familiar with the software and be prepared even before installation.

PioneerRx is continuously evolving to meet the needs of independent pharmacies. New content and updated courses are regularly added to the platform, and each Monday, a “New Features” class demonstrates how to implement the upcoming features.

Through this platform, you and your team can continue to stay up-to-date with all the innovative additions that can benefit your pharmacy.

Brad White, co-owner of Medicine Center Pharmacies in northeast Ohio, dedicates time each week to make sure he and his staff get the most out of PioneerRx’s pharmacy software and educational materials.

“I really enjoy PioneerRx University. It gives us the tools to train new people and take our workflow to the next level. I even have a calendar reminder set so I don’t miss the weekly ‘New Features’ class.”  

How to Access PioneerRx University:

Your designated team leader will receive an email from Litmos to set up an account.

From there, they can add other members of their staff to access it as well. Ask our software support team if you have questions about setting up an account.

Then, you have a few options on how to get to PioneerRx University. . .

1. Go to:

(Tip: Leave it bookmarked!)

2. Within PioneerRx, click the dropdown button next to the Help icon and select "PioneerRx University"

3. Within PioneerRx, click the Request call icon and select "Online Training".

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