When you need to borrow or loan out medications, your pharmacy software should simplify the process. PioneerRx pharmacies easily keep track of loans so they can maintain an accurate inventory.

Alanna Hughes, General Manager of Carr Drugs in the Louisiana cities of Algiers and Gretna says the two locations use PioneerRx’s pharmacy management system to document their medication loans on a daily basis.

“It digitizes everything so everyone can see where our inventory is going and the inventory we need to return,” says Alanna. “It makes it so we don’t have five thousand notes everywhere saying ‘I borrowed this today, I owe this tomorrow.’ If I’m not in the pharmacy the next day, everyone else can loan medication and make sure we get it back.”

PioneerRx’s pharmacy technology enables stores like Carr Drugs to document changes to their stock so they can continue to operate efficiently.

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