Rapidly Fill In Patient Info with Our Automation System

Can your pharmacy software expedite the process of creating a new patient profile? PioneerRx enables users to scan the barcode on the back of a driver’s license to populate most of the fields required for a new patient. Rather than going through each individual box or requiring more paperwork from your patient, a simple click from the 2D scanner uses the information from the driver’s license to fill in the profile.

Willis High, pharmacist and owner of Delta Pharmacy, has relied on PioneerRx’s dispensing system for the past 5 years. The multi-location pharmacy in South Carolina utilizes methods like creating a patient profile from a driver’s license to save time at the counter. “We scan the license, and it generates all the needed information except for the customer’s phone number and allergies. It basically allows us to go paperless,” describes Willis. “It’s hard to read people’s handwriting, and it’s easy for them to leave out information, so this is a huge time-saver for us.” Innovative features like this are why independent pharmacists choose PioneerRx.

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