Increase Your Compounding Reimbursement Opportunities

PioneerRx’s pharmacy software system makes billing for compounds easier and thorough. For compounds with multiple ingredients, users may submit claims for the primary ingredient and the secondary ingredients, rather than solely the primary. Custom pricing schedules and claim overrides ensure optimal reimbursements and profitability.  

Matt Crawford, pharmacist-in-charge at Mac’s Pharmacy in Knoxville, TN, oversees the compounding. He finds PioneerRx’s billing features optimal for ensuring Mac’s is reimbursed fully for its compounds. “It helps us out a lot when we can get the billing to go through on insurance. It’s pretty seamless!” he says. “We don’t have any hiccups like we used to have with our old system in regards to how the formulas are presented.” Pharmacists like Matt get the most out of their compound reimbursements with all the features PioneerRx’s pharmacy technology has to offer.

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