Community pharmacies are having to rethink their “personalized touch” in a time of limited person-to-person contact.

Many stores are cancelling walk-ins and limiting their services to curbside pickup, delivery, and drive-through. Despite this change in the usual flow of operations, pharmacies can be prepared to thrive and continue providing essential care to their patients.

PioneerRx has been focused on creating and enhancing best practices for these scenarios. Listed below are some resources and best practices that can help you safely and efficiently operate a curbside pickup or drive thru service. You don’t have to compromise your pharmacy’s level of care – you just need to be ready to adapt it.

A more detailed breakdown of suggested workflow is available in the guide for PioneerRx Curbside + Drive Thru Best Practices, with step-by-step instructions and pictures to help you through setting up your own workflow.

Curbside Signage

Having the proper signs to guide your customers is important for maintaining a steady flow of pickups.

In an effort to help save you time on this process, we have created pre-made instructional signs that can be customized with your pharmacy’s phone number.

On our new Curbside Signage page, you can easily download and customize templates, then follow step-by-step instructions on how to order your own sign(s).

Order Your New Signs

Direct SMS Messaging

As you start receiving more curbside customers, it will be beneficial to free up your telephone lines and eliminate the need for a phone ringing every time a customer arrives for their pickup.

Our new Two-Way SMS Messaging feature allows patients to directly send a text from their mobile phone, where it will show up in your pharmacy’s workflow and you can respond back quickly.

When a patient arrives they will simply read your signs and send a text – making it easier for your staff and your customers.

Auto Payment Reminders

We have also added a notification in the pharmacy system to alert when a patient does not have a credit card on file.

This way, a store can call the patient and get auto payment set up before they come get their medications.

This allows the pharmacy staff to speed up the process of the patient picking up their prescription, and provides another safety measure by minimizing the contact needed between staff and customers.

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