The mere word strikes fear into the hearts of pharmacists. After all, conversion means reconstructing your pharmacy’s foundation (your software) and building a new workflow on top of it. With PioneerRx, your pharmacy is in capable, experienced hands from day one.

How Conversion Works

When you choose PioneerRx’s software, we begin your conversion immediately – within 24 hours, to be exact.

Our sales and coordination teams will contact you to learn everything about your pharmacy. Meanwhile, InfoWerks will handle your data conversion, and our coordination team will plan your conversion with the information you give them.

They take care of details like what, when, or how so you can focus on why you’re converting in the first place: to make your pharmacy a hub for healthier patients.

“We believe that Chris did an outstanding job of being both knowledgeable and efficient. He really represented your company in an exemplary manner and it was our pleasure to learn from him.” – Paul Scott, Scott’s Pharmacy, Albany, GA

Meet Our Installation Team

When our installers arrive, they are not strangers to your pharmacy; they are elite, well-trained professionals equipped with knowledge of your pharmacy, thanks to our sales and coordination teams.

And we don’t throw together a mismatched group of stereotypical IT “experts” who set up your equipment and leave you to your own devices.

These installers are personable and knowledgeable specialists who know pharmacy and hardware. Despite the stress usually associated with conversion, they’ll ease you through the process. Who knows? You just might find conversion enjoyable.

“Both Dustin and Hunter were very courteous, prompt, and pleasant to work with. When suggestions were made or changes were requested, they were very accommodating. It was a very pleasant experience even though we were pushed with busy days!” – Alex Frum, Gold Hill Pharmacy, Gold Hill, OR

Get Ready to Go Live

When they arrive for your “go live” week, they’re excited and prepared. When your store closes on Monday, our installers will work through the night to install everything – even if that means staying until midnight or later.

“Thanks for sending Daniel! He really made us feel comfortable on the system, answered our questions, and gave productive suggestions! Thanks again!” – Brent Losier, Summit City Pharmacy, Fort Wayne, IN

For the duration of the conversion, they will answer all your questions to make sure every base is covered.

They’ll even ask you questions to make sure PioneerRx is enhancing every aspect of your pharmacy. After all, you don’t want your pharmacy to perform exactly as it did with your old software. You’re revolutionizing your pharmacy, and our installers are there to get you started.

“Ryne was an excellent technician! Fabulous personality, very knowledgeable and easy to work with! We didn’t want him to have to leave!” – Tracy Ross, Margaret Pharmacy, Odenville, AL


Sadly, our installers have to return to HQ, but you’re not alone when the conversion is finished. You’ll always have access to our accounting, software, and hardware support teams. They’re quick to take your call and always ready with a solution.

We’re excited for our new customers. A new software is like opening a brand new pharmacy! The task may seem daunting, so you need the right people by your side from start to finish of your conversion.

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