Prepare Orders in Advance with PioneerRx's Bagging / Refrigerated Items Update

PioneerRx’s innovative software system already enables users to Create a Bag at Point-of-Sale — making for easy bundling and bagging of all of a patient's prescriptions and OTC items.

The Create a Bag feature increases efficiency, improves workflow, and helps boost revenue for PioneerRx pharmacies everywhere.

The new Bagging update gives users the ability to also Create a Bag at Check Station, which expands bagging options beyond POS and allows for greater versatility and accuracy.

PioneerRx Bagging Update

With PioneerRx Bagging, users can scan items, build bags, and print receipts at the Check Station and POS — tracking each step from within the pharmacy software to ensure that a patient’s full order is physically assembled in advance and ready for a smooth checkout process.

It is especially important for families with multiple prescriptions, who can get all of their items at the same time, in the same bundle — without any additional hassle. 

The Bagging capability ensures that all of a patient’s prescriptions and OTCs are properly packaged and that the pharmacist doesn’t forget any items at the point-of-sale.

“With many patients opting to get their prescriptions through delivery, drive-thru, or curbside pick-up, there is less of a chance for the patient to walk into the store and browse front-end items,” says Josh Howland, PharmD, VP of Clinical Strategy at PioneerRx. “This is a great opportunity to add higher-margin OTC items to an order in advance and make sure it gets to the patient.” 

PioneerRx Refrigerated Items Update

As part of the Bagging update, PioneerRx users can also print separate receipts to prompt retrieval of any refrigerated items. If a patient’s order has medication that has to be kept in the refrigerator, pharmacy staff will be alerted at the POS to retrieve any refrigerated items and combine them with the patient's bagged order. 

Bagging with PioneerRx allows for a streamlined, reliable checkout process that keeps your team organized and your customers satisfied.

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