Prepare Orders Ahead of Time at Point-of-Sale

Independent pharmacies can make the customer experience personal, but the most powerful competitive advantage is making ‘personal’ efficient. Even though customers may appreciate your personalized service, convenience is an important factor in today’s fast-moving world – especially when it comes to competing with the chains. With the new Create a Bag at POS feature, PioneerRx users can gather all of a patient’s Rxs and OTCs into one bag that is prepared for them before pickup. A receipt is printed and attached to the bag, and can simply be scanned at the POS when the patient arrives. This feature brings efficiency to the checkout process by reducing the time a patient waits in the pharmacy.

“The Create a Bag feature at Point of Sale allows the pharmacy to prepare the patient’s entire order, Rx and OTC items, before they arrive at the pharmacy,” says Will Tuft, PioneerRx Director of Education. “This feature is the perfect way to increase OTC sales while streamlining the curbside and drive-thru checkout processes!”

The Create a Bag button expands on the existing Will Call feature that only allows for Rx items. Adding OTC items to orders ahead of time can help boost your OTC sales by giving patients an opportunity to select them beforehand and eliminate any hesitation of spending time shopping for OTCs when they come into the store. PioneerRx’s pharmacy software enables users to elevate their customer experience and increase profitability by adapting to fit their customer’s needs.

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