In the competitive landscape of independent pharmacies, delivering a personalized customer experience is paramount.

While customers value personalized service, the true competitive advantage lies in combining personalization with efficiency. In today's fast-paced world, convenience plays a crucial role, particularly when competing against larger chain pharmacies.

At PioneerRx, we recognize the importance of efficiency in creating a seamless and convenient experience for both patients and pharmacies.

About Create a Bag at POS

Introducing the new Create a Bag at POS feature, PioneerRx empowers users to streamline the checkout process by gathering all of a patient's prescriptions (Rxs) and over-the-counter (OTC) items into a single bag that is prepared in advance.

Prior to pickup, the pharmacy staff can assemble the patient's complete order and attach a printed receipt to the bag. When the patient arrives, the process becomes as simple as scanning the attached receipt at the point of sale (POS).

By incorporating the Create a Bag feature, we enhance the efficiency of the checkout process, reducing the wait time for patients in the pharmacy.

Will Tuft, PioneerRx Director of Education, explains the significance of this feature, stating, "The Create a Bag feature at Point of Sale allows the pharmacy to prepare the patient's entire order, Rx and OTC items, before they arrive at the pharmacy. This feature is the perfect way to increase OTC sales while streamlining the curbside and drive-thru checkout processes!"

Building upon the existing Will Call feature, which only includes prescription items, the Create a Bag button expands the capabilities of our software to include OTC items as well.

By proactively adding OTC items to orders ahead of time, pharmacies can boost their OTC sales. This feature not only allows patients to select OTC products in advance but also eliminates any hesitation they may have about spending time shopping for OTCs when they visit the store.

Features for an Efficient Workflow

PioneerRx's comprehensive pharmacy software empowers users to elevate their customer experience and increase profitability by adapting to the unique needs of their customers.

We understand the importance of aligning with customer expectations and providing a seamless and efficient experience that not only meets but exceeds their needs.

By integrating features like Create a Bag at POS, we enable pharmacies to optimize their operations and enhance the customer journey.

The ability to personalize orders, streamline checkout processes, and preselect OTC items contributes to a more efficient and satisfying experience for patients. Furthermore, this efficiency has a positive impact on the pharmacy's profitability, as it enables them to serve more customers in less time and increase OTC sales.


PioneerRx's pharmacy software empowers independent pharmacies to create a personalized and efficient customer experience.

The Create a Bag at POS feature, in particular, revolutionizes the checkout process by allowing pharmacies to assemble patients' complete orders in advance. By incorporating OTC items and streamlining the checkout process, pharmacies can enhance customer satisfaction, boost OTC sales, and ultimately increase profitability.

PioneerRx remains committed to providing innovative solutions that enable pharmacies to adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, all while delivering exceptional customer experiences.

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