Advance Your Practice with the NCPA Fellowship Program

The National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) and Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (CPESN) are offering an exciting opportunity for pharmacists who are looking to advance their practice and sharpen their clinical skills.

In partnership with Good Neighbor Pharmacy, NCPA and CPESN are hosting a 12-month Community Pharmacy Fellowship Program for pharmacists currently working in a CPESN USA-registered pharmacy. The program, which begins on September 1, will take 100 qualified pharmacists and help them become advanced practitioners of clinical care.

The program’s curriculum will be split into 3 areas of study: Practice Transformation, Management, and Patient Care.

While studying, fellows will also participate in electives like research,  pharmacogenetics, and DSME/DPP. Each of the program’s courses will be taught by a leading voice in pharmacy, with educators like Joe Moose, Matt Osterhaus, Tripp Logan, and Karami Reed sharing their expertise.

The tuition for the program is $7,500. A full schedule — which includes important dates and other information — can be found here.

Enrollment ends on Saturday July 31, 2021. Sign up at

With the Community Pharmacy Fellowship Program, NCPA and CPESN hope to accomplish three main goals:

  1. Increase the number of pharmacists devoted to practice transformation
  1. Align pharmacists with existing Flip the Pharmacy, ACT, and CPESN Practice Transformation initiatives
  1. Measure the impact of practice transformation with documentation (i.e., number of eCare Plan submissions, clinical tests and measurements, and positive disease management services outcomes)

Benefits for Pharmacies

Individual pharmacists, their teams, and their communities can benefit from participation in the Community Pharmacy Fellowship Program. 

At the end of the program, pharmacists will be able to implement multiple clinical services and workflows into their practice, which can lead to more opportunities for patient care and a chance to generate new streams of revenue.

In addition, pharmacists will have an expanded professional network that can help them to continue their careers and further their positions in the industry. Finally, they will receive recognition as fellows at the NCPA Annual Convention in Fall 2022, which can lead to even more opportunities for advancement.

Brandon Beaver, pharmacist and fellow at McBain Family Pharmacy, has seen the benefits of the Community Pharmacy Fellowship Program firsthand. He looks back on his experience fondly:

“The NCPA/CPESN fellowship is essentially the leading experts and game changers from community pharmacy practice coming together to share what works and what doesn’t. It’s unlike anything I've been a part of before. It has been eye-opening for me in many ways and has helped me to more fully understand some of the current issues surrounding community pharmacy, and how best to address them.”

With more equipped pharmacists staffing their storefronts, pharmacies can more readily establish themselves as centers for clinical care. The ability to provide enhanced services can help them to gain reputation, respect, and revenue. Even more importantly, though, it can help them to serve those closest to them with better skills and techniques — leading to happier, healthier communities.

Enroll Now

In order to see the full benefits of the program yourself, save a spot in the Community Pharmacy Fellowship. Time’s running out, though, so submit your application soon — whether it be for yourself or a qualified team member.

For additional information on the program, watch the June general interest meeting, where leaders like Troy Trygstad and Randy McDonough offer explanations and answers to the program’s most-asked questions. And, for fellow testimonials, faculty introductions, and even more FAQs, consult the NCPA website.

Programs like this one provide an opportunity for pharmacists to expand their range of services and make a difference in the way that community pharmacy is perceived.

As Dean Stone, Owner of IHS Pharmacy, says, “The pharmacy profession has moved even closer to being recognized as a valuable provider in a patient’s health. I believe our pharmacy team is at a tipping point and this is an awesome opportunity to help us advance to the next level in patient care.” With this program, you can get there.

PioneerRx partners with organizations like NCPA and CPESN that are working to provide pharmacists, technicians, and support staff the tools they need to further clinical care in pharmacy practice. We support initiatives like the Community Pharmacy Fellowship Program and encourage all PioneerRx users — and CPESN USA-registered pharmacies — to take advantage of this opportunity.

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