In the bustling environment of a community pharmacy, saving time on even the smallest tasks can really pay off. It’s the repetitive, everyday tasks that are notorious for taking up time - they’re simple, yet they add up quickly day after day.

The Snippets feature within the PioneerRx Pharmacy Software is one way that independent pharmacies can streamline their workflow operations, while also creating consistency in recurring data entries.

What Are Snippets?

Snippets are custom phrases or strings of text that are used repeatedly within a pharmacy and can be turned into shortcuts for an easy “copy and paste” solution.

These are extremely versatile and can be used anywhere in the software that has a free text space.

“Snippets offer a great time saving ‘shorthand’, but Snippets also give consistency in format, wording, and instruction for any recurring process within the pharmacy,” describes Will Tuft, Director of Education at PioneerRx. “This could be anything from a consistent format for documenting clinical information, to providing consistent wording in communication with physician offices, and standardizing internal notes for common tasks.” 

Avant Pharmacy & Wellness Center (previously known as Rx Clinic Pharmacy) is a PioneerRx pharmacy in Charlotte, NC. Pharmacy owner Amina Abubakar uses Snippets in a variety of ways to make sure all the checkpoints are being met in her team’s workflow.

One way they use Snippets is to pre-format questions that need to be asked during med sync and MTM calls to patients.

“The Snippets are questions created by our pharmacists and based on a disease state,” explains Abubakar. “When a technician opens a patient’s profile to prepare for a call, she will see the appropriate Snippet questions to ask.” This ensures that all the necessary data is collected and properly entered into the patient’s profile for follow-up.

How to Use Snippets

PioneerRx users can go to their Tools menu and select Manage Snippets to create their own text shortcuts. Visit the Help File in PioneerRx for step-by-step information on creating and using Snippets.

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