Introducing Catalyst – A New Kind of Pharmacy podcast.

Listen in to spark your curiosity, hear thought-provoking ideas, and stay informed on the latest independent pharmacy trends. Our goal is to fuel your passion for pharmacy, one conversation at a time.

The Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast is hosted by –

  • Jeff Key, President of PioneerRx
  • Josh Howland, VP of Clinical Strategy
  • Mark Bivins, VP of Sales
  • Marsha Bivins, Director of Marketing

Their dynamic creates an easy-to-listen-to podcast and explores discussion topics through different lenses: Business, Technology, and Pharmacy.

The first episode – plus an extra bonus episode – can already be found on all your favorite streaming platforms. Our hosts discuss how independent pharmacies can thrive during COVID-19, as well as speculations on what we might see in a post-COVID world.

Visit our Independent Pharmacy Podcast page to learn more about the Catalyst Podcast. Here you’ll also find video clips of some highlights from

Episode 1 – get a preview of Catalyst before you dive into the full episode.

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