Man's best friend has a health journey too. A loyal patient base helps sustain your pharmacy in the long term. Through prescriptions and seasonal vaccines, the patients who continuously go to your pharmacy help keep the lights on.

But they’re not the only ones who need a clean bill of health. In more than half of your patients’ households, a pet has found their forever home. While the patient takes care of most of their pets' health (feeding them, taking them for a walk, etc.), there are some health ailments that can’t be fixed by crushing some baby aspirin.

Pet medications are a smaller but mighty part of your pharmacy’s arsenal. From a business perspective, they can be a lucrative element of your pharmacy operations. From a holistic side, well, who doesn’t love a healthy pet?

Here's how you can up your pet prescription game with PioneerRx.

Creating an Animal Profile

Human medications and pet medications share a few similarities.

PioneerRx’s pharmacy software lets you create pet profiles, ensuring they get the same care and attention as their human counterparts. What's more, you can link the owner to the pet profile, which streamlines the POS process for the entire family.

Define Species, Kind of Animal

Another useful PioneerRx software feature for your pets can be found within the Demographics field. You can select the pet’s species, food preferences, and owner.

Whether we’re talking dogs, cats, birds, cows, or even penguins, PioneerRx ensures all pets have a seat at the pharmacy software table.

You can also indicate if the pet is considered a performance animal. Food and animal designations are important for animals that are put in a competition. Your state likely has a 4-H animal program or other agricultural group that has strict guidelines regarding what medications the animal can take.

This feature ensures that the prescription in question adheres to the specific requirements of certain animal organizations or your state’s 4-H program. In short, you’ll be dispensing animal medications with the highest quality and level of ethical discretion.


Now let’s get to the business side of things. Dispensing and selling pet medications is a hefty investment, and you need to ensure that investment is paying off. PioneerRx’s Categories feature lets you build reports to analyze the performance of these medications.

Having this kind of pharmacy data lets you come up with special pricing calculations and even targeted marketing efforts to your pharmacy’s fur babies.

Item Use

Some medications are only for animals, where no human use or consumption is possible. Fortunately, PioneerRx gives your pharmacy the proper safeguards to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

The Item Use field sees to it that only pets receive a given medication, such as a Heartgard for your dog or other pet-specific products.


Labeling your prescriptions is an underrated element of pharmacy work. For most, labeling is as ubiquitous as filling a prescription itself. PioneerRx gives you labeling options to clearly define vet medications in your patient’s home.

A small dog paw on the prescription label can go a long way in ensuring medication adherence and preventing misfills. Also, at the very least, the dog paw is pretty adorable.


Pet prescriptions can be a very preventable monkey wrench in your pharmacy’s workflow — all you need are the tools to cover these workflow potholes.

With a pharmacy system like PioneerRx, managing the likes of pet prescriptions is as seamless as processing any other prescription.

These features are only a taste of what you can do with some top-tier pharmacy software. These are just pet-centric features — imagine what it can do for your entire patient base.

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