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VFI Statement Processing is a comprehensive outsourcing solution for your independent retail pharmacy.

Do not let paperwork prevent your pharmacy from operating at peak performance. VFI takes the pain out of the laborious task of printing and mailing your monthly charge statements. Within a few minutes each month, your pharmacy can electronically create and transmit files from your PioneerRx pharmacy software system containing all of your monthly statement data. VFI processes these files by error checking, postal sorting, and laser printing. VFI then folds, inserts, and mails the statements on your pharmacy’s behalf. If required, PDF images of all statements can be provided to your pharmacy for electronic archival.

Our Services

VFI can work with you to send monthly collection letters that will mail along with your statements. When monthly statements are received, VFI’s system can review the aging on your accounts and match up 30 day, 60 day, and 90 day letters with the appropriate accounts. These letters mail along with your statements, so there are no additional postage costs, providing a cost effective way to send collection letters. Your pharmacy will save time and money by outsourcing this monthly chore. VFI aims to be a comprehensive solution for all your statement processing requirements.

Streamlining your Statement Processing Workflow.

Save money and continue providing excellent service in your independent retail pharmacy by outsourcing monthly charge statements to VFI Statement Processing. They are trusted to be accurate and efficient at the lowest cost. With unique and expansive services, VFI will be the best choice for streamlining your statement processing workflow.

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