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Since 1979 Rx Systems has been a part of the independent pharmacy community. We are a family-owned business with an emphasis on customer service with manufacturing and distribution sites in five states. Our core product lines include RX LABELS, CUSTOM BAGS, PILL CARDS, RX VIALS, and the VIVID-1 PILL COUNTER. Let us show you cost-effective marketing and workflow solutions to improve your bottom line including the use of QR Codes.

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Rx Systems - VIVID Pill Counter

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Count with Confidence! 99.99% accuracy!

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The VIVID Pill Counter counts all tablets, capsules, and translucent gel caps — no scanning or pill training required. The VIVID One interfaces with your pharmacy software and keeps a record of everything. An image is automatically captured showing exactly what was dispensed on the tray when the transaction was completed.  

Track-and-trace records details of every transaction including the NDC, lot number, serial number, and expiration date. Unit-of-use for counting inventory, bottles, and other medications. Premium drug data access with images and detailed descriptors. Brand and generic equivalent substitutions via the Generic Product Identifier (GPI).  

The VIVID is also equipped with pill fragmentation detection and our exclusive Quick Count mode. VIVID is one of the most affordable ways to automate your pharmacy. It’s loaded with features and guarantees instant ROI.

Rx Systems - Rx Labels

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Servicing over 6,000 label customers, including hundreds of PioneerRx users, we welcome you to consider us with your next order.

Choose from Custom Logo or Stock Rx Label versions that are supported by PioneerRx, including formats that can reduce waste and improve efficiency.

Rx Systems - Custom Pharmacy Bags

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You’ve invested in creating your brand and website, so why not use a custom bag to enhance it?

This affordable marketing option can impact your bottom line in many ways. Custom bags only cost the average pharmacy an extra $10 more per month vs generic bags. Promote your profitable services, plus bring awareness to your refill app to increase adoption and reduce inbound calls.

Rx Systems - Rx Vials

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Choose from three closure types, including our most popular reversible cap line – Strata Series.

Strata offers an ongoing 5+1 discount and can also be customized. Threaded bottle or traditional style closures are also available. All three vial lines are available in Amber, Blue, and Green. Items are shipped from 4 warehouses around the country to help ensure fast delivery.

Rx Systems - Pill Cards

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We offer single-dose and multi-dose adherence packaging solutions for all markets including skilled, assisted living, group homes, and others. Connect with a LTC Sales professional to review the best packaging options for your customers and review the ROI to know when it makes sense to convert to Heat Seal from Cold Seal.

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