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Many pharmacies are too busy to stay in compliance and up-to-date with constantly changing healthcare regulations. Unfortunately, there is not enough time with regulatory compliance and medication adherence to do everything. As compliance & accreditation experts, we’re here to help you stay stress-free and protected. A leader in healthcare consulting, R.J. Hedges & Associates is dedicated to providing their clients complete healthcare compliance programs. We offer a complete, easy-to-follow solution for accreditation, insurance requirements, compounding, diabetic shoes, DMEPOS, FWA, HIPAA, immunizations, Medicare, OSHA, patient safety reporting & protection, and more. Feel at ease knowing your independent pharmacy is prepared for government inspection, insurance audits or natural disasters with our custom programs, 1-on-1 personnel support, and documentation with 24/7 online access through our Compliance Portal.

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At R.J. Hedges & Associates we treat our clients the same way we treat our employees: with respect, dignity, and honesty. We consider our employees and clients as members of the family. We founded our company on our strong beliefs and moral standards to make federal compliance obtainable, reasonable, and achievable for our clients. We strive to keep our clients informed of the ever changing healthcare regulatory environment by providing newsletters and bulletins to keep them up to date, webinars for clarification, and task lists to help manage requirements while still taking care of patients.

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