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Making it easier to put the right prescriptions in the right patients' hands
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InterLink AI: For the health of pharmacies and patients everywhere

InterLink AI was venture-funded in 2013 with the driving purpose to improve efficiency and accuracy in prescription medication dispensing and delivery, in retail pharmacies, hospitals and long-term care facilities. Our artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solutions include:

identRx - Medication verification and dispensing product that uses unique 360-degree imaging and machine learning to confirm the brand, dosage and count of any prescription, by capturing its color, volume, size and imprint.

veriFill - Telepharmacy software that pairs with identRx to enable approval of filled prescriptions from remote locations, dramatically expanding the pharmacist's footprint.

medPass - Medication verification, dispensing and delivery product for inpatient and extended care facilities, which uses much of the same AI-driven technology as identRx, coupled with a self-locking vial that only opens in the hands of the intended patient.

scripClip - Will-call system, helping pharmacies quickly and confidently retrieve patient prescriptions, focus on revenue-generating clinical services, and dramatically improve staff and customers experiences.

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InterLink AI – scripClip

Pharmacy Will-Call System
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The scripClip will-call system helps staff quickly and efficiently put the right prescriptions in the hands of the right customers - improving employee experiences, patient outcomes and pharmacy profitability.

scripClip is a best-in-class pick-to-light system that makes it easy for pharmacy staff to fulfill patient orders, organize the will-call area, speed up patient identification and prescription retrieval at the point of sale, and improve inventory visibility and ease of return-to-stock functions. The scripClip software works with your PMS and can be set up with unique colors and sounds for each POS workstation to accommodate a busy will-call area. Any combination of light-up and tamper-resistant hanging bags, clip-ons and flash beacons are visible from all angles to quickly guide staff to right prescriptions, in will call, refrigerators or any other area of the pharmacy. No store remodeling is required. To date, hundreds of pharmacies have seen up to 73% faster one-touch prescription retrieval at the point of sale, no reported errors on more than 23 million delivered prescriptions, and up to 78% reduction in return-to-stock time.

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